February 28, 2013

A Day in the Life...

I bet you have ALL wondered at some point what its like to be me...
(Ok, who am I kidding- pretty sure no one has ever thought that)

But ANYWHO, I thought I'd take a little "This and That Thursday" and turn it into a rambling account of what a normal Paige the Baylor Graduate/Teaching Assistant Music Masters Student day looks like.
(Hows that for a mouthful...)

5:50am: *ALARM* (warning sleepy bear, you have to get up soon!)

6:00am: *ALARM* Ok, seriously get up now.

6:10am: Alright grumpy bear, if you aren't in the shower now, you're probably going to be late.

7:05am: *Shoves food into face while driving*
             Yep, you're a little bit late. I told you to get out of bed ten minutes earlier!
             Time for flute warm-ups an coffee at the McCrary Music Building- this is our second home!
             (flute warm ups consists of stretching, long tones, and "technique" exercises on the flute)

7:50am: Hurry upstairs and get the camera. Time to get your TA on and record that freakin adorable            
             conducting class of yours!
             Ok, so I'm not actually the teacher, but the conducting class conducts (duh) and I record them so
             they can go back and watch themselves to see how they can make improvements!
             In the music world, audio and video recordings really are the best way to be your own teacher.
             (I also grade everything that they turn in- muahahaha)

9:30am: Hurry (again) your butt over to the other freakin' side of campus to get to your History of 20th  
             Century Music Seminar. Hope you read your billion pages of homework so you don't make an idiot
             of yourself since this class is pretty much all discussion!
             (Wait-what? We have classes to go to?! Seriously...)

11:00am: Now book it all the way back McCrary (you only have ten minutes- granny walk!!) because you
               have to be composed and prepared to coach your woodwind quintet. No, they probably didn't
               practice as much as you want them to, and yes you're going to make a fool of yourself because
               your excitement for the subject overpowers all five of them combined! But they're adorable, so
               we'll give them that.

(Stop and take practice room #selfie to admire new hair-do/daydream about lunch)

12:15pm: AND BREAK! WHEW- JK, you have a bunch of other crap to do.

               Right now you should probably be planning the Wind Ensemble tour, practicing for your graduate    
               recital, reading (theres always more reading to do), practicing, writing your paper, practicing,
               catching up on emails, practicing....

               So, relax up! (HAH) Make your boyfriend take a cutie pic with you, and don't forget to eat lunch

2:00pm: Flute lesson with FA

3:30pm: Either woodwind hour (weekly recital that all students are required to play on during the semester)
             or Flute Studio - depending on the day. Also- most likely daydreaming about what you're going to
             eat for dinner and/or what you're wearing tomorrow.

Baylor Flute Studio- flute choir

5:00pm: You probably have to teach a lesson to one of those adorable kiddos. Its time consuming, but
              remember you love doing this. Some of the best hours of the week! :)

6:00pm: Possible freedom! Its finally time to kick back and.....cook dinner, freak out about everything that
             has to be accomplished by the next day, squeeze in office hours, and COLLAPSE.

7:30pm: Oops, you almost forgot! There's most likely a concert that you will get in trouble for not going
              to....errrrrr support your fellow musicians!!! (Its always fun once you get there, promise!)

9:00pm: You did it!
             Well, honestly you probably didn't. Like that research paper outline/opening paragraph over the
              history of whatever flutey topic you decided to pick...yeah its due tomorrow. Best get writing!

And that's just Tuesday or Thursday's schedule...

Happy Thursday! Now you know what I'll be doing.....

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  1. Wow! Your day sounds so intense, but also fun at the same time. :) I LOVE the hair!! Looks so good!

  2. don't forget nightly mind boggle about what to do with your life!

    1. Seriously!! HA, but other than that, wasn't it pretty accurate?