February 24, 2013

Social Sunday: The Awkward Years

I'm not an extrememly social person on Sundays (haha- get it...Sunday Social....) but this topic is just too good/embarrassing to resist!

The Awkward Years

What was your biggest fashion mistake?
Fashion? HAH,  well that infers that I had any sense of style in high school (which I absolutely did not).

In high school you could find me in jeans, t-shirts, and converse. I wore the same two pairs all through high school.....every. day.

Behold my ratty old converse (that I refuse to let my mom trash, FYI) next to a friend's high-tops (of matching color) on a band trip to the Rose Bowl in California! Oh yeah- marching band for the win!!

Also, I should mention that I went through a little bit of a punk stage. You know, bright colored or fake leather belts with two layers of holes all the way around...

My best was probably a lime green shirt that said "I <3 NERDS" in hot pink. Cute, right??

I now present to you (although you can't see it) the infamous "I am the evil twin" shirt- in the prime of my "punk" phase. Parker (my real life twin brother) had a matching shirt in red. We may have worn it together on several accidental occassions.

Who were your best friends in high school?
Although I consider high school to not exactly be the best part of my life (I mean...who really likes high school??), looking back I was blessed with some pretty great friends. And some crappy ones....but lets focus on the good.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the best of the best best friend since the day we met (in the cafeteria) in the 8th grade. 

Emmi (although I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones who still calls her that) AKA Mrs. Emily Robinson had been homeschooled for several years, and we met because we were the outcast/shy ones at a lunch table full of chattery middle school girls (no boys duh/ew). How tragically funny and perfectly middle school is that? But seriously, not exhaggerating when I say we've been best friends ever since!

8th graders, going to our first "high school" function- the "Fish Dance" where everyone was forced to wear the same t-shirt and you were thrown into a sea of 8th graders from your middle school combined with the other two middle schools where you most likely didn't know a single person, therefore "danced" desperately clinging to your itty-bitty group of friends.

If I remember correctly, we did this photoshoot during one of my visits home from my freshman year at Baylor- 2007!

Growing up!! Em got married to her high school sweetheart in the summer of 2010 and I was thrilled to be in her wedding!!! From this photo you might get an idea of why people (to this day!) think we are sisters. <3

This low-quality iPhone photo is the most recent we have from an outing to our favorite spot in Kingwood. Now go look back at our first photo in middle school- HAHAHA. Love it.

Another special individual who has blessed me with their frienship for many many years is Zach. Zachary Wayne and I survived the awkward transition from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend and back again and are still friend soul mates. I absolutely adore this man and how far he has come!!

Zachary and I (in the band hall, duh)- I'm pretty sure this was the last week of our senior year at KHS? 

Zachary as my work (Vision Source) Christmas party date in 2011!

More KHS friends at graduation: Parker, me, Lauren (who later became my freshman roomie at Baylor), Stevie Jo, and Ben!
Church besties on our senior mission trip to Florida.

What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?

Typical weekend included high school football games with the marching band (KM4B, band, was AMAZING, KHS football....not so much), weekly trips to Taco Bell, practicing the flute, probably a trip to the mall to hang out with Emmi, and church/youth choir/Houston Youth Symphony on Sundays!

Yes, if you have a good eye, that IS Zach as drum major! Adorable, no? :)

Did you have any boyfriends?
Ummm....yes. Now that I think about it I actually pretty much had a boyfriend a year. Oops? Didn't seem like that much back then!!!

If I had to rank them from most important or long/term though (that sounds weird...) I would have to mention Zach and Ben. Like I said, Zach is still an important part of my life, and Ben was just a super sweet heart and has grown up to be a wonderful man. He is still one of my brother's best friends and will be getting married this summer- super exciting! :)

Did you have any secret codes with your friends?
Not in high school, but if I were at my parents house in Houston I'm sure I could dig up an old notebook from middle school that I kept with a few friends (for passing notes in the hallway, of course....sort of like a shared "notes diary") that had a freaking crazy code we made up! Y'all (like I said, parents house in Houston) we made up some crazy symbol for every single letter of the alphabet! Boy were we nuts.

If I ever unearth it, I'll be sure to link back to this post with a photo of that craziness! 

We also wrote in "Pig-Latin" a lot thinking that no one else was clever enough to understand us.

Idday anyay otheray oggersblay usay igpay atinlay?

Ok, nerd alert over. According to the almighty Wikipedia, Thomas Jefferson exchanged notes with friends in Pig Latin. So we were pretty much geniuses....

If you could relive one day/moment/experience from high school what would it be?
Wow, what a loaded question! After high school was over, I probably would have said NOTHING- thinking it to be the most miserable four years of my life, but I think I changed my mind.

I can't pinpoint a certain experience, but summer mission trips, youth group gatherings, homecoming dances, and group hang outs at our friend Cole's house are all highlights for me. We had a great group and a great time, and now I'm going to start planning a reunion because I miss them!!!

Happy reminiscing, and be sure to link-up so I can stalk your high school photos ;)


  1. I couldn't resist doing this one either! I totally forgot about a clothes phase I went through...."I ♥ ME" shirts...embarrassing!!

  2. This is so fun!! I had one of those belts with the holes all around it too. :) You're lucky that you and Emmi stayed so close after all these years! I have a handful of friends from high school but they live across the country and none of us are as tight as we used to be. So I'm always jealous when I see friendships that have survived the test of time! :)