February 4, 2013

PB & Honey

For those of you who have been with me for awhile:
I co-started this blog with a lovely friend of mine, but I am now pleased to announce a blog that is completely my own!

For my new friends:
PB & Honey is a reference to my loves: boy, dog, music, kitchen, ect.

(It also may or may not be a reference to the type of sandwich I  consumed nearly every day of my middle and high school career.)

HUGEST mega thanks in the world goes out to my blog mentor and wonderful friend Sarah over at the Life of Love blog- my adorable new layout/everything would not have been possible without her!
You da best!!


  1. Congrats on your very own blog!! Such a cute name. I still, to this day, will eat PB&J like it's my job on a weekly basis. It's the little things. And I love Sarah too. She's great! Love the layout and design!!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday.

    xoxo Amber
    Obviously Obsessed

    1. Thank you! She IS the best :) stop by again!

  2. Ah! I love love love Sar, sorry couldn't resist! Have a great week, stopping by from MM!