June 30, 2013

Instagram and Bloglovin

First of all, HEY BLOG WORLD, all freakin out cause its the end of the world tomorrow (or the end of Google Reader, at least...)- make sure you're following me on Bloglovin.

BUT, I've also read in several places that if you use Blogger, the "my blogs" list will still be functional. We shall see.

Now that we put that behind us, I'm linking up with my girl Tawny for an instagram recap!

Tawny's Tid Bits

For those of you who follow me on instagram and get annoyed with food pictures....too bad so sad!

I'm by myself, and I'm trying to be super healthy, and I happen to really like pretty plate presentation!

Did you know that frying deli meat makes it REALLY GOOD? I'm not a deli meat fan, but throw that stuff in a frying pan with a little olive oil and we're golden. 

God bless George Foreman. That is all. 

Trying to change things up a bit everyday. Whole grain english muffins are my new favorite thing! 

Second half of the english muffin is under there somewhere.... 
1) I don't like spinach. 
2) You can disguise the taste of spinach REALLY EASILY. For example...
3) Put a pretty hefty amount of spinach on top of an english muffin and top that with tuna = what spinach?

So if you plan on sticking around with me this summer, expect a whole lot more of that

I'm convinced that healthy living does NOT have to be complicated. Doesn't it look good??

Happy Sunday, friends! :)

June 28, 2013

Love is a pretty cool thing...

Prepare for sap-fest 2013!

Drew is finishing his 5th week at BCT- I really can't believe it! He's almost halfway done already :)

I'm incredibly proud. I miss him like crazy, but the fun part is that getting a letter is THE BEST feeling in the entire world. The neighbors probably think I'm crazy for checking for the mail 3 times a day....but whatever ;)

S.W.A.K. - are you KIDDING ME?! He's CUTE!!!

I'm at the point where I link pretty much everything back to Drew (Paige, shut up about Drew, you're annoying). "Oh, Drew would LOVE that video" "Drew would think that was SO funny!" "That guy has glasses like Drew's" etc, etc... Good thing I'm a loner this summer or I'd probably reaaaally annoy some people. 

So today I stumbled upon a Chive post (yeah yeah....they have some interesting stuff!! mixed in with a bunch of junk...but still) called "Love is a pretty cool thing." 

And I read....

"My heart...it feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like its trying to escape because it knows it doesn't belong with me...it belongs with you."

*fought back tears, like a big sappy baby*

So I then spent a good chunk (I actually really hate that word....chunk...sorry) of time going through pictures back to when we first met. Good stuff :) 

First photos together- December 2011

Still Dec. 2011?
Spring 2012

Previewing that bunch of photos, we're kind of a couple of weirdos BUT thats pretty much the only kind of photos I have of us together for the first 6 months or so.... Love it!

So I hope you have enjoyed reminiscing with me! For those of you wondering, no I still haven't gotten a phone call from him BUT its the weekend now, so here's hoping.......

June 25, 2013

List and Stuff

Warning: "selfies" included. Sorry guys.

I have nothing planned but I have LOTS of thoughts and a few photos to share, so here we go!

1) Dr. Arnone (my flute professor) got a random free copy of Marie Claire in the mail this month and passed it on to Darbi who in turn passed it on to me. WOO! I never buy magazines. Ever. Because I'm broke, yaaaaaay. So I spend a little of my free time (HAHA....whats that?!) browsing because I like photos of pretty clothes and hair and stuff.


"Frizzy" curls are in.

Thats right ladies, you heard me! Its summer, and Marie Claire *July 2013 says that its ok for you to rock those curls in the Texas 100 degree humidity. Alllllll riiiiiight. (Disclaimer: the hair gets bigger as the day goes on, am I right?!)

2) Camp. 

These are the stipulations: Gotta look older than the little munchins (the struggle is real, y'all), its 100 degrees in TX, want to look semi-professional, and hours are 7am-6pm. 

Enter "camp chic"- yep, I made a name for how I try to dress at camp. DORKY.

Too small to read, but the nametag reads "Ms. Brown." Yep.
3) Sangria.

I learned how to make it!

Or rather, I sort of made up an easy recipe based on something I had heard. 
My dear dear friend Ainsley (who might be making a debut in the blogging world sometime in the near future...) came to visit and Sangria was made with our friend Mark.

Easy and delicious! I don't even feel like I should share the recipe because its embarrassingly simple....

Pretty AND delicious!

I definitely had more bullet points planned, but Kula is being a little chatter box and clearly needs attention "RIGHT MEOW, temp mom!"

Adios friends! Until next time....whenever that ends up being!  :)

June 22, 2013

Out of stock and Against the rules

Hi friends :)

I decided on a Shabby Apple purchase.....

source: Shabby Apple

But as soon as I committed, and clicked the little red "Add to cart"- "OUT OF STOCK""SUCKER!!!""TRY AGAIN". 
Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that harsh, but thats how I felt about it ;) 
So for now, I do believe that I will be postponing my Shabby Apple decision....unless this little pretty happens to be back in stock in the near future *hint hint.

Now, for some reason it appears to be semi-"against the rules" to post on Saturdays. I've seen several tweets lately saying something along the lines of "I broke the rule and posted on Saturday...." I'm not sure what that means. Do people not read blogs on Saturday? Also, don't they know that the rule is "NO POST ON SUNDAYS!!!" (hah hah HP fans...see what I did there?) Anyways, I don't have much time in this little bloggy world as of late so TOUGH. Saturday post it is. :) 

We finished a fun and exhausting week of HSBO (high school band and orchestra) camp at Baylor. There were 30 little fluties, and my job was to assist my teacher, Dr. Arnone, with the flute classes/flute choir and to coach a flute quartet for the chamber recital that the students put on for their parents at the end of the week! Exhausting, like I said, but we really do have so much fun teaching, challenging, and inspiring young musicians. 

Tomorrow we start the process all over again, but with middle schoolers!! This week is exciting for me because I get to be the head "flute teacher" (the school of music faculty kind of have a "run awaaaay" policy when it comes to middle school camp). So this weekend I'm trying to catch up on sleep, get caught up on my summer school class, and make lesson plans for a week of flute classes! 

Oh yes! Meet Kula :) She is the pretty baby of the family that I am house sitting for. 
Y'all, I am SO blessed to be staying here this summer! This is my first time living alone, but I couldn't ask to be at a more peaceful and accommodating location. I will be a nice summer, thats for sure!

And finally- DREW UPDATE!

I miss him alot, but we're both doing very well!! I hear from him (via snail mail) about once a week...but I'm really hoping that he get his phone privileges soon....as soon as tomorrow actually, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I can say already that corresponding by letter only has been Very good for us. He's about to test out of what they call "red phase" and he's excited to not have to sit in a classroom much anymore. He sounds healthy and stable...I can't exactly say "happy" because I'm not really sure if any of them are happy. But he's doing very well there, and thats all I can ask for! It is looking to be a financial struggle, but I'm planning on going to his graduation/family day in August if at all possible. Prayers for that working out for me (and his sweet momma!!!) would be greatly appreciated!

Thats all from me for today- my apologies again for the lack of posts recently. Thanks to all of you for your support and patience!!!

June 18, 2013

Shabby Apple- Help!!!

You guys- I'm SO BUSY!!! and I honestly hate it when people complain about how busy they are all the time... but I was looking forward to getting into blogging more this summer. No can do so far!

Quick update: I'm still in my last degree class (ends in 2 weeks!!) and have a 25 page term paper and super long presentation due right after the 4th of July. I'm "faculty" at the Baylor HSBO (high school band and orchestra) camp this week and at the middle school camp next week as well. Crazy!!

But, I'm writing to you guys primarily because I need help!
(Its pretty much a trivial matter at this point but I honor each and one of your opinions very much!)

I won a Shabby Apple gift card and I can't decide what to buy! (TEHE)
Gimme a vote PUH-LEAAASE!!!

source: Shabby Apple 

 source: Shabby Apple

 source: Shabby Apple

source: Shabby Apple

See what I mean?! Impossible to decide. At least I narrowed it down this far, right?!

What do YOU think I should get?

June 15, 2013

I'm back with a little inspiration!

I had to start this sentence at least four different times because its hard to know where to even begin.

A few hours ago we finished a week long seminar with four of the leading flutists/teacher in the country (and even the world!!). My mind, body, and spirit are absolutely full to the brim and overflowing with new thoughts, ideas, and overwhelming inspiration! At the moment I can only tell you that this week has been an incredible experience, but I need to take some time to step back and process.

For now, I just want you to know that I'm back! Hi!!! I've missed you!

Since my brain is going a little bit nuts trying to engrain what I've learned this week, I'd like to take a little chill break and explore a more materialistic side of inspiration. 

Things that make me happy or motivate me to give my best self to the creation of beauty:

source: Aunt Peaches

source: H. Finn Jewelry

*this necklace has been on my neck DAILY since it arrived as a gift from Drew (after he left for BCT)(dawwww)

source: Pinterest

source: Gardenista

source: Pinterest

Have an inspiring weekend!

June 12, 2013

Blogging hiatus/ Meet Hannah!

Hey friends,

As you may have noticed, I'm on a little blogging hiatus here. I'll be back next week, but right now I'm currently smack dab in the middle of a flute seminar learning LOADS and being incredibly inspired.

I'll be back next week, but in the meantime, meet Hannah!

Hannah is an incredibly sweet and bubbly, God fearing young woman that writes an inspiring and uplifting blog- I'm excited that she is honoring me with a guest post while I'm so so busy!! Make sure you stop by to say hello, and let her know that I sent you!
So without further ado.....

Hi PB and Honey readers!

I'm Hannah, and you can find me over at Wonderfully Sewn. I'm so excited to guest post here on Paige's blog, and I'm super happy I get to 'meet' you all!

I am a native Texan who thinks she belongs in Seattle.

But besides that, you should probably know that the most important thing to me is my Jesus and my relationship with Him. And I love Him tons, so I knew I had to bring Him onto my blog! On Wonderfully Sewn, you'll probably see some posts with tips for Christian living. Just because looking at Christianity as if it's some rigid set of rules to follow isn't the way to go about it. Christianity is simply the way you choose to live your life. 

Along with my Christian walk, I love to encourage and make my readers smile. Oh, and I absolutely love those moments, when someone will read a post and say, "Really? I thought I was the only one! I'm totally on the same page!"

But when I'm not poking at these little letters on my keyboard... I'm attending school, reading, obsessing over Instagram, putting outfits together, wishing I had a tattoo, or laughing.

So if you don't mind some Jesusness, quirky humor, sparse fashion posts, and having a big ol' smile, Wonderfully Sewn is the place for you!

June 5, 2013

Summer Goals- do you have them?

Hi friends!!

Remember when summer was for trips to Disney World, playing with the neighbor kids all day, and swimming 25 times a week?


Then we unfortunately grew up quite a bit.

This summer I'm in Waco, pretty much by myself, and I've got to keep busy and save money!!! So I made a goal list for this summer and I'm going to announce it to the whole wide world that reads my blog to keep me accountable.

1) No shopping.

WAAAAH. The no shopping rule includes clothes, accessories, blah blah blah blah, and pretty much anything except the essentials. Like food. And stamps/envelopes.

2) Speaking of food: Healthy food!!!

I plan on eating like a freakin rabbit this summer. (except for the occasional Chuy's date with Sarah, of course)

example of my healthy health lunch....and dinner since I had the same thing

3) Write the boy daily.

I know that may seem like a silly goal, and of course I won't be actually mailing off letters every day, but I feel like its important to let him know that I'm thinking about him and that I support him!!

4) Run. Run run run.

I do not like running....to start with. And I pretty much always feel like I'm just starting because I never keep it up!! Also, to support Drew who I know is busting his behind all day every day at bootcamp, I want to run at least a mile for every day that he's gone- before he gets back! So thats 70 miles total, and I already have quite a bit of catching up to do ;) Wish me luck!

5) Practice the flute at least 3 hours a day.

No brainer.

Practiced 3 hours today- good start!

6) Keep up my studies.

I'm pretty good at getting sucked into a new series on Netflix or reading Harry Potter for the 25th time (25 is my number of the day, apparently!). But I thrifted this pretty awesome old book with a bunch of opera/symphony composers and opera summaries so I've decided to read up on a new composer or opera each day! It'll be fun/good for me.

What about you? Do you have summer goals? Or are you just missing the good ol days...

Linking up with Lisette from Northen Belle Diaries.

June 4, 2013

Made it!

Made it back to Waco....

Somehow I managed to unpack and sort through the entire contents of my life in Waco while I was at home last week.....which of course ended in LOTS of trash and LOTS of donations. 

It felt good to clear through paperwork, books, clothes, and household supplies to simplify and just cut the junk to be able to start fresh this summer. You know what I mean?

Made it back to class...

So now I'm back in Waco and have started my final class of my masters degree today!

The final class of my master degree. Holy cow.

There are some crazy weeks ahead of me in June! Next week Baylor is hosting a MEGA flute seminar for the week. Its going to be amazing. I probably won't blog at all. I'm going to be soaking up every bit of information that I can possibly fit into my brain from my teacher, Dr. Arnone, along with some of the other masterminds of our craft. Excited!

THEN, the next two weeks I get to teach at High/Middle school band and orchestra camps. Teaching little fluties :) Also exciting!

Made it a week and a day...

Its been an entire week and a day since I dropped Drew off for BCT. I promise that I won't be a whiny baby until he graduates in August (and then October-March...uh oh!) but I just wanted you all, my friends and supporters, to know that I've made it thus far without having a break down....and actually with out crying at all (who AM I?!) tehe 

Success, right?

I think the hard part is the feeling of disconnect. People ask me how hes doing, and right now I don't know. I imagine that he is probably in pain from being sore, and tired, and probably hungry too...and thats hard for me to imagine. BUT I know he is doing a great job and I know that the Lord is with him. 

Also, we finally got his address today!! Makes me feel SO much better to know that he can hear from his family and friends now. (And its a huge sigh of relief that I can send all these letters that I've been writing....all at once. Tehe again.)

But seriously, you guys have been a great support system already so thank you!!! Don't forget to check out my facebook page!

Blessings on your week :) 

June 1, 2013

Sunday Social

Today I'm linking up with Neely for Sunday Social! This week marks the first year of Sunday Socials and they're celebrating with a giveaway, so check it out!

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite Social Media outlet?

A few days ago I would have said twitter and then Instagram, but I'm totally stoked about my blog's new Facebook page!!!  Check it out and leave a note- I'd love to get back to you!

2. Do you subscribe to any daily news reads? If so which ones?

Hmm. I'm not good with news, but I do follow CNN on twitter. Does TheVoice news count? Tehe

3. Favorite Magazine to have by the pool?

IN Style

4. Favorite summertime song?

To me, summer time is for country music. 

5. Best Summer concert you’ve been to?

In 2011, I participated in the Texas Music Festival (classical music festival... Probably doesn't sound exciting, but it Was!)  and we spent a lovely evening in the park downtown listening to the Houston Symphony, people watching, and playing football!

Happy Sunday :) 

P.S. Looking for a last minute blog to sponsor in June? Check my "About" page!

NEW to PB and Honey!!!

Hello friends!!

1) I've updated my "About" page! Slightly new info and slightly new pics. Check it out!

2) I'm extremely excited (and a little nervous) to announce that I am now offering sponsor positions for PB and Honey!

Scroll on down to the bottom of my "About" page to see stats and Sponsor options!

3) And PB and Honey is on facebook! Super excited about that one as well. "Like" PB and Honey on facebook for updates, special offers, and posts about my favorite blogs or blog posts!

Do you have a facebook page for your blog? Leave a comment letting me know, and I'd love to follow!

4) My sweet Mu Phi family (college professional music sorority) is a blogging family and I'm so proud!!
    My little, Kate, blogs book reviews weekly at Kate the Reader. This girl seriously blows my mind- how she manages to read extracurricularly while working on a masters program focused on research and scholarly writing, I'll never know!!

    My great grand-little (I'm so old that if you actually count down the "family line" I have a great great great grand-little!!), Jill, just recently started an adorable blog where she writes about life, running, music, shopping, etc..."I've never been a millionaire, but I just know I'd be darling at it." TOO CUTE! Please go say hello, and tell her I sent you! :)

Texas is beautiful in the early summer, no? 

Happy weekend :)