January 30, 2013

Winston Weekly

Happy Middle of the Week- you know what that means :)

Pup picture!

This is a photo from 2009 when Winston was small as a bug! My mom would be nervous to let him outside without supervision for fear that a hawk would carry him away! Also, he would get lost in the bushes.


January 29, 2013

Food Creations

Now that I'm in grad school and have a little more time on my hands (but not really...) I am super enjoying learning to cook and/or experimenting in the kitchen.

As far as cooking is concerned, Pinterest has been my best friend and worst enemy. Whyyyy recipe, do you look so good but in reality you suck?!

You might remember a few weeks back when I wrote about my super exciting crock pot recipies that I found via Pinterest. Not so good. Super bummer- I was really excited about them!

*Sidenote- the Italian chicken was GREAT because I realized that these work much better when baked in the oven instead of in a crock pot with added water. In the crock pot all the flavor seems to cook out! Weird- maybe this would be different if you add broth instead of just water. Food for thought.

Today I thought I would introduce my own recipe. Well.....Can you call it a recipe when you made it up as you went? Anywho- this is what rescued my not-so-great chicken fajita crock pot recipe:

I didn't think of taking those fancy step-by-step photos until I tasted this soup and thought "Oh my goodness this is so easy/I'm a genius/I should blog about this!" So, a final product photo is all you get!

I call it: Tortilla Soup. (Original, right?)

But really, thats all it is! I had the leftover chicken that had some onions/tomatoes/peppers and I needed some way to not waste them.

1) Chicken broth- I used the (sodium rich, not so good for you) Knorr bouillon cube boiled in two cups of water.
2) Dump in leftover chicken- So eloquent, I'm aware.
3) Dump in leftover rice- Mine just so happened to be of the "spanish" variety.
4) Added several large spoonfuls of rinsed (canned) blackbeans- My measurements are SO spot on, like I said, made this up as I went!
5) Added several drained spoonfuls of corn.
6) Done!

Product- Deliciousness!

I served it up with a light sprinkle of mozzarella, crunched up tortilla chips, and cubed avocado!

Now- get to screwing up some homemade chicken fajitas so you can make this delicious soup!


 *Sidenote again: My Pinterest YUM board (other than having way to many pins) contains my comments on the recipies I have actually tried, generally with the date, and what I would do to modify the recipe. 

January 27, 2013

This Weekend, No. 5

To start off my weekend right, rooms and I drove up to Woody's in Centerville (holla!) to meet my mom to pick up Winston!! I was thrilled to accept the pup-sitting position while my parents cruise it up with Carnival. (it eases the jealousy...)

So basically, thats my weekend ;) Puppy snuggles, puppy walks, puppy games, puppy infused friend times. Woohoooo!

Just kidding. (Kind of...)

*hint- If you just want MORE puppy pictures, follow me on twitter and instagram!

This weekend, rooms invented a delicious drink at Sonic. Seriously y'all, I don't even like tea- don't judge me- and I've had two this weekend. Half lemonade + half tea....Well thats a perfectly normal drink, you say, its even been named!...but get this:  + raspberry. Oh yeah. Ok, maybe everyone else in the world knows about this already but I'm pretty darn excited.

This weekend, Drew left for another audition. I say that like I'm annoyed, but really its a pretty cool deal. He's basically an awesome trumpet player, already won one job, and has advanced in handful of other auditions....but this audition is home for him. So until Tuesday, Drew is in Milwaukee, kickin butt (again). Get it, babe! :)

This weekend, I wore these:

Shoes: Bandolino (at Ross!!)

Bought these cuties over the break and forgot to blog about them- how dare I...and yes, I have itty bitty feets.

I hope you all had a restful weekend!
*Sidenote- I think its funny that the aim of weekends used to be fun and now its relax. I'm rambling...

Link up with Sarah or Syndal to share your weekend re-caps! 


January 26, 2013

The Facts of ME!

Today I'm linking up with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work for this fun me me me me post! Thanks Whitney!

I feel like this post should be a lot easier than it has been. I mean, I know myself pretty well...right? 

...until I try to make a list, that is. Then I am reduced to ".....I have the cutest dog ever!"

So let us start with that :)

  • I have the cutest dog EVER. Oh wait...I guess that isn't so much a fact about me as it is a fact about my adorable pup. Ok ok ok, but seriously, just one pic.

  • My favorite food group is meat. That or we could probably just narrow it down to bacon.
  • I'm at that baby stage in my cooking experience where I need confirmation of the fact that I did a good job. Poor Drew... "Did you like it?!"  "Is it okay??"  "DID I RUIN IT!?!?"
          Ok maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration, but not really.

  • I have a twin brother, Parker. No, we are not identical (think about it). Yes, we are close. Yes, I love sharing birthdays.
*side note on sharing birthdays: 

For as long as I can remember, Parker has been the "wake-up-early on Christmas morning/wakeup-wakeup-wakeup its our birthday" half of our twin-ship. On our birthday, first thing in the morning we would hug each other and say "Happy Birthday" (daw). Not until I moved out of the house did I realize the sentiment of this tradition that we had un-knowingly formed. I'm pretty sure I cried our first birthday apart (don't tell him that) but now we call each other at midnight to be each other's first "Happy Birthday" each year.

          That was a little more sentimental than I had planned. But to answer your last question, Yes, we have          
          twin super-powers.

  • I also have super hearing powers. That or I just have a weird brain problem (Drew would probably vote for that option). 
          Ex:  Drew's watch. I could hear the second hand and it drove me nuts! Not only did this   
          freak him out because he couldn't hear it at all, but I actually found the dang thing when he thought he 
          had lost it (it was in his car) because I could hear it ticking in a box in the back seat. 

          Not going to lie, I'm actually pretty proud of that moment.

          Needless to say, Drew's Christmas present was a new watch without a second hand. Sneak sneaky ;) 
          *The watch was not the listed price, because I am a poor grad student and Amazon is great.

  • I absolutely cannot (not using the contraction of cannot looks very strange) study/do homework/read in the library. Does anyone else have this problem? I get so overwhelmed by all the pretty books that I just wander around looking at the shelves and reading titles! Its fascinating to me! It also makes me wish I had spent less of my under-grad on facebook and more time reading all the pretty books. Oops
          But seriously- I love books.

  • I have played the flute so much I have tendinitis and my hand swells up when I play, but I do it anyways. Embarrassing...or Awesome.

  • My Baylor Lariat feature includes the worst cheesy newspaper caption to date...

       *Guitar hero- seriously? Thats the best you could do?!

  • I got my letterman jacket in high school from spring board diving as a freshman, and not from playing the flute (which is what most people would expect....because you know, high school letter jackets are super important and all....yes I'm 23).
  • I threw a flat out temper tantrum and pretty much cried the last time Drew and his friends made me watch a scary movie.
  • When I get stressed out, this is my go-to mental state:

       For the best example, see my favorite blog post in the history of ever: RIGHT HUR. I hope you pee    
       your pants laughing. Which is pretty much what I'm doing right now.

Who are YOU? Link up :)


January 25, 2013

Happies and Crappies- part 2

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I'm not going to lie you guys, my favorite part of this link-up is the shiny gold button. Love it!

Lets mix it up and start with the "crappies" first so we can end on a "happies" note! (TGIF!)


Not enough practice time. Flute nerd out moment! I've been so busy and a little under the weather that my Feb. 8 audition is sneaking up on me!

Allergy attack! Those darned allergies. Two days ago they just decided to smack me in the face and say "Thought you were doing well? NOPE! SUCKS FOR YOU! HA!" 

FOG. Fog is pretty, but lets face it, makes me feel a little bit lot like this:


Watched a certain episode and CRIED for seriously 10 minutes. Couldn't stop! It was nuts. 

Anyone out there that feels me on this one?


More 6AM work out success! Call me crazy, but just look at these bright shiny faces that worked out and got to the practice rooms by 8AM :)

Today I'm meeting my mom to pick up Winston! I get to pup sit for the entire week while my parents are cruising. Woohoooo! Also, follow me on instagram for mega Winston photos ;)

Ran about 5 miles outside of the gym with the boyfran. Getting better!!

Started juicing. Check out this cup o' celery/cucumber/spinach/cilantro/apple/orange/lemon!

*ignore the soap stained "fancy" glass ;)

Roomies both got jobs- I love them and I'm excited for them so I thought I'd give them a little shout out.

Did I mention that Winston will be here for a whole week?? Yeah, thats about all I can think about right now.

Happy Friday, y'all! Link up with Sarah and Stephanie and share your "happies and crappies" with us!


January 23, 2013

Winston Weekly

Hello friends!

I've decided to start a new and exciting weekly post!

Wednesday Winston Weekly :)

(Winston Weekly for short)

This week I'm going to start by sharing with you the very first photo I ever saw of Winston. Since he is our "family" dog, I didn't see him for three weeks after my parents got him and this was my introduction!

Can you even believe how wiiiiittle bitty he was?! Oh my goodness, I still can't handle it. 

I'd like to take a little poll on how Winston Weekly's should go, so feel free to share your opinion with me!

1) Baby photos, growing up, photos, then photos of now. (chronological, each week)
2) random!

I hope you enjoy my new Wednesday series as much as I do! :)


January 21, 2013

Blog Hop

The Things We Find Inside

Before today, I can honestly say that I did not know the "blog hop" exhisted. 

Sort of like the "bar crawl," but for being nosey about other people's lives instead of being intoxicated?

Anyways, if you are stopping by from the GFC Hop, Welcome! I'm a little new-ish to blogging, but I love it and I'm excited to find all you wonderful people out there :)


This Weekend, No. 4

Happy long weekend to all of you lucky people (like me) that get an extra day off!

This weekend, I started season 2 of Downton Abby. so good.

This weekend, (err...Friday) I was pretty excited about my outfit for the Carol Wincenc masterclass

Three points about this photo:

  1. Yes, I often take photos in this mirror. Its the woodwind grad "office" (AKA large practice room with extra stuff) and the only full length mirror I have access to without standing on the edge of my tub to see my outfit in the bathroom mirror.....come on, you know you've done that too...
  2. Hair day win!
  3. I swear I took the leg warmers off before I went on stage. It was cold that morning!!

Shirt: ELLE Lace Peplum Top in Ivory (here!
Skirt: Target (here!)
Belt: came with skirt
Shoes: Blowfish Cherie flat (at DSW)

Now, this is a special skirt and I feel that I must explain. First of all, it was party of my Christmas present from Drew- thanks baby! Second of all- it fits. Never have I ever had a pencil skirt that fit in the (little more full) behind region without making me feel like a skank-ho! SO- go check it out!

This weekend, We actually visited the adorable mom and pop style cafe next door to Drew's house. The bacon was fantastic. I brought my own coffee. Is that rude?

This weekend, I got to hang out with my man's bestie (RP3) and his awesome woman Sarah a lot. Well, two nights in a row is a lot for us and it was great!

The first night of together-ness included an action packed two hour wait for food at La Fiesta- Who's idea was it to go on Friday night?? But, I did get this cutie guy (who actually still lives on my dashboard, Sarah, just so you know).

This weekend, I cooked pork chops for the first time! And quite successfully, I might add.

I mean, I seared them and everything. Definitely have never done any cooking that required searing and baking (go me!). Even the broccoli was extra good!

I used a recipe that has been floating around pinterest that supposedly makes the best broccoli ever.
You shake this brocc up with olive oil, salt, and pepper, cook the brocc on high heat for a short amount of time, then sprinkle with lemon juice and permesan cheese. It was pretty darn good!

(Looks great right? Like I've said in previous posts- most def not a food photographer)

This weekend, I helped with a program that my flute professor, Dr. Arnone, started at Baylor called "Honor Flutes". She invites all the high school and middle school flutists in the area to join a (free) flute choir that she conducts. The music is a challenge for most of them, but the Baylor flute studio jumps in the rehearse and perform with them- the goal being to give them a musical opportunity they might not regularly have the chance to take part in. We also hope that they have a good time, which we all did!

How did you spend your weekend?

January 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies- part 1

I'm not sure about y'all, but this week was an emotional blur. Perfect to cap off the week- linking up for.......

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

  • New classes
  • First day of school outfit
  • Roomie love
  • Success in the kitchen
  • Hearing the amazing Carol Wincenc perform with the Waco Symphony
  • Performing for said amazing Ms. Wincenc
  • Coaching a woodwind quintet as a part of my JOB (so cool)
  • Starting a 6AM (AH) workout routine with my dear friend Darbi
  • Boyfriend snuggles 

Soon to be happies
  • Hanging with Sarah and RP3 (best friends in law, really)

  • Grad/TA duties. A LOT of them.
  • Back to school shock (I have to read HOW MUCH?!)
  • Oversleeping
  • Stress arguments
  • MOLD in my apartment y'all. Mold. Not to mention the management is horrendous.
  • Family woes, very heavy heart
  • Missed my last flight option to my only audition this semester

This week has been so nuts, I don't even have pictures to post! 

To make up for the lack of photos and for a cheery end to this blog post....

Wittle baby Winston!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 

You're welcome. 
Happy Friday ;)

For more recent photos of Winston click here and here!

January 14, 2013

This Weekend, No. 3

Happy Monday morning! I'm linking up with Syndal for "This Weekend, I..."

This weekend was actually a major bummer for me.

Long story short- I've been working very hard towards a handful of auditions for Artist Diploma programs next year. Sent in pre-screening recordings (takes forever to get them "just right"), and was not nearly as successful as I had hoped.

So of course (as I told my lovely boyfriend) "If I'm gonna suck at the flute at least I'm going to look awesome doing it!" Which was a little dramatic of course, because I'm kinda pretty far from sucking at the flute.....but anyways. He sympathetically "Ok baby'd" me and we went shopping.

Found this lovely gem at one of my local faves, Amelia's. $7!!

Also from Amelias, a fun Forever 21 jacket. $14!!!

I felt a little better.

This weekend I successfully bruched with Drew- my first time making french toast! Yummy

And This morning, I woke up to a freezing Waco, and these fun little not-quite-snow-like beads were everywhere.

Happy Monday everyone- I hope you have a lovely lovely day and a pleasant week!

How was your weekend?

January 12, 2013

H54F part 1

Linking up for High Five For Friday!


I love Pinterest, y'all. But how often do we (I) actually accomplish the DYI or meal projects that we pin?

Yesterday, Thanks to a post by Looks Like Homemade, my freezer is now stocked with 7 pre-made yummy meals (for 2 with leftovers)! After two hours of prep time, all of these meals are completely ready to go- crock pot, go to school, done! It makes me giddy just thinking about it. 

I did make some modifications to the recipies presented (and left out the soy chicken since my main man is not a fan of soy sauce, sad day right?!) so if you are interested I can post a follow up on how the recipies turned out!


This happened. Coolest dad ever, right? :)


Learned that I CAN trim my own bangs without just ruining my whole life.

Also, I love my Cover Girl NatureLuxe balm.


Date night at one of our local favorites- Sams on the Square, or affectionately "Tacos and Tequila"

But seriously, white queso and black bean dip with a delicious margarita?! YUM.

Hope you all had a lovely week! Its about to be back to the grind- are you ready?

January 7, 2013

This Weekend, No. 2

This weekend, I packed up and made the trek back to good ol' Waco. What a thrill to find out that all of my cold weather clothes fit into my shared room! Its the little things, y'all.

First thing in Waco, literally as soon as I drove up, I met up with Drew (eeeee!) and we drove to eat dinner with our newly wed friends- the Lott's! It was such a treat to not have to eat fast food the first night back in town. Rachel and Andy cooked up a delicios paleo dinner. I could seriously eat this stuff every day!
Of course margaritas don't exactly fall into the paleo category, but Rachel has started a really great blog on the paleo lifestyle if you are interested.

This weekend, I realized yet again how much I hate being away from Drew for any time at all! He flew off to San Francisco to audition for a trumpet opening in the San Francisco Symphony- such an honor! You might remember back in December when he won a job with the Army, and now he gets to add advancing in SF audition to his ever growing resume. Go baby go! So proud of you :)

Here is a lovely shot that Drew shared with me from his day of sight-seeing:

This weekend, I had a lot of alone time and practiced the flute much more that I had been for the rest of the break. Being alone and being a little bit chilly gave me the opportunity to re-wear and re-style my (fake) furry vest (without shame)! I love this vest. Let me repeat: I love this vest. Quite honestly I can't even tell you where it was originally from, because MARSHALL'S IS AMAZING. Am I right??

I present to you: messy grad room and furry vest photo day #1

Shirt: Boyfriend hand-me-down
Jeans: a.n.a. (jcp, similar here)
Boots: Sam & Libby Fiddler booties

And messy grad room furry vest day #2

Sweater: H&M, 2010
Skinnies: Levi's
Boots: Sam & Libby
Flute: Muramatsu ;)

This weekend, I finally watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey. Oh my goodness I do believe that the raving reviews were correct! Must. Watch. More.

What did you do this weekend?

January 3, 2013

This and That Thursday No.2

Happy 2013, y'all!

Linking up with my beautiful friend Sarah for my 2nd "This and That Thursday"!

This morning while updating my phone, all of my pictures (337) got deleted- Bummer!! I'm sure there is a way to get them back, but I don't have a Mac and I'm totally not new version of iTunes (or Picasa) savvy. Double bummer.

Luckily I snagged this New Years Day photo from the boy one. 

That little red ball cube (cube made of....yeah not sure how to describe that one) is the best toy ever invented! We made this cube of 4mm magnets in about....45 minutes. To our defense, we had no idea that we had the exact number of magnets to made a 6*6*6 cube, but we had a blast anyways! My super genius chemist dad brought it home and explained that the name bucky balls comes from the term "buckminsterfullerene" which is basically a soccer ball shaped carbon molecule. Neat, right? 

This is my baby Winston on the eve of my departure to Waco. I'm so ready to get into a routine and to get the semester off to a great start, but I've enjoyed every minute with this little man!!

Sweater- Merona, Target (old, similar here)
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's (old, similar here)

Off to Waco tomorrow for my last full semester as a master's student- what does 2013 offer you?

See my first "This and That" here!