February 21, 2014

if I were home...

With barely more than a month left in England, "if I were at home" runs through my head quite often....


  • If I were home, I would head to the nearest gas station/grocery store/px to buy some Cheetos ASAP. Crunchy, puffs, both, I don't care!!
  • If I were home, I would most difinitely eat Mexican food, also ASAP. Probably Chuy's, but honestly at this point anything would do!
  • If I were home I would cook for Drew a lot. (I'm sensing a theme here...) but I really do have a list going! Three of us share a mini fridge and a tiny kitchen, and we only get one grocery trip a week so planning and cooking has become a strength of mine!
  • If I were at home, I would go to Target, buy an icee, and wander around for at least an hour. And I'd probably buy stuff.
Actually, I'd buy these!!
  • If I were home, my phone connection would frustrate me sooooo much that I want to chunk the thing across the room. I mean, thank the dear Lord for giving people the brains to invent things like viber and facetime, but relying on just that for a super long distance connection gets old.

Now that I type that out, I feel like I should delete it because I'm SO thankful for how much I get to talk to Drew, my family, and my friends

  • If I were home, I would be all caught up on Grey's, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, and Pretty Little Liars. I only have an ipad here so I can't stream anything, and Netflix UK is a force to be reconned with....I COULD however watch every episode of Dr. Who ever if I so desired. But no, not Sherlock. Hmph.
  • If I were home I would never ever ever EVER make instant coffee again.
  • If I were home I would hug EVERYONE. For awkwardly long amounts of time. And cry.
  • If I were home, I wouldn't be holding on to some pretty exciting news!! How's that for a cliff hanger? Now you have to wait 30+ days too. Wahahahaha ;)


February 7, 2014

noises in the night

I have this really great ability to fixate on sounds. 

It's probably helpful since I'm a flute player, but sometimes I feel like I hear EVERYTHING.

For example, Drew used to have this watch that just killed me. He loved the dang thing but it was just SO LOUD!! I could hear it everywhere. Click click click click (metronome marking quarter note equals 60). Once he lost his beloved watch (and no, I did Not hide it). I'm not sure how long the thing had been gone, but I remember once he stopped the car to run inside and a grab something and I stayed in the car. After a few seconds of silence, I started to hear the dreaded "click click click click" and just about had a cow.... So I dug through the back seat, found a box full of odds and ends, and there is the box, with a closed lid, was the stinkin Timex watch. Needless to say, I completely freaked Drew out, but hey! Found the watch!

Back to my fixation on repetitive sound....this talent of mine is extremely heightened when sleeping is involved. Of course. 

It's been raining here in England for eternity, which makes for a really nice sleeping background, but last night was a little different. The mist was just enough to roll off the roof and make a marvelous Drip Drip Drip Drip at about quarter note equals 120 (I know this because I was singing Stars and Stripes to it at 5 this morning). As I lay there awake at 5am, my hearing finally started to haze over and after an unknown duration of silence I thought "hey I haven't heard the drip for a...."

"Drip drip drip drip drip...."