February 28, 2013

A Day in the Life...

I bet you have ALL wondered at some point what its like to be me...
(Ok, who am I kidding- pretty sure no one has ever thought that)

But ANYWHO, I thought I'd take a little "This and That Thursday" and turn it into a rambling account of what a normal Paige the Baylor Graduate/Teaching Assistant Music Masters Student day looks like.
(Hows that for a mouthful...)

5:50am: *ALARM* (warning sleepy bear, you have to get up soon!)

6:00am: *ALARM* Ok, seriously get up now.

6:10am: Alright grumpy bear, if you aren't in the shower now, you're probably going to be late.

7:05am: *Shoves food into face while driving*
             Yep, you're a little bit late. I told you to get out of bed ten minutes earlier!
             Time for flute warm-ups an coffee at the McCrary Music Building- this is our second home!
             (flute warm ups consists of stretching, long tones, and "technique" exercises on the flute)

7:50am: Hurry upstairs and get the camera. Time to get your TA on and record that freakin adorable            
             conducting class of yours!
             Ok, so I'm not actually the teacher, but the conducting class conducts (duh) and I record them so
             they can go back and watch themselves to see how they can make improvements!
             In the music world, audio and video recordings really are the best way to be your own teacher.
             (I also grade everything that they turn in- muahahaha)

9:30am: Hurry (again) your butt over to the other freakin' side of campus to get to your History of 20th  
             Century Music Seminar. Hope you read your billion pages of homework so you don't make an idiot
             of yourself since this class is pretty much all discussion!
             (Wait-what? We have classes to go to?! Seriously...)

11:00am: Now book it all the way back McCrary (you only have ten minutes- granny walk!!) because you
               have to be composed and prepared to coach your woodwind quintet. No, they probably didn't
               practice as much as you want them to, and yes you're going to make a fool of yourself because
               your excitement for the subject overpowers all five of them combined! But they're adorable, so
               we'll give them that.

(Stop and take practice room #selfie to admire new hair-do/daydream about lunch)

12:15pm: AND BREAK! WHEW- JK, you have a bunch of other crap to do.

               Right now you should probably be planning the Wind Ensemble tour, practicing for your graduate    
               recital, reading (theres always more reading to do), practicing, writing your paper, practicing,
               catching up on emails, practicing....

               So, relax up! (HAH) Make your boyfriend take a cutie pic with you, and don't forget to eat lunch

2:00pm: Flute lesson with FA

3:30pm: Either woodwind hour (weekly recital that all students are required to play on during the semester)
             or Flute Studio - depending on the day. Also- most likely daydreaming about what you're going to
             eat for dinner and/or what you're wearing tomorrow.

Baylor Flute Studio- flute choir

5:00pm: You probably have to teach a lesson to one of those adorable kiddos. Its time consuming, but
              remember you love doing this. Some of the best hours of the week! :)

6:00pm: Possible freedom! Its finally time to kick back and.....cook dinner, freak out about everything that
             has to be accomplished by the next day, squeeze in office hours, and COLLAPSE.

7:30pm: Oops, you almost forgot! There's most likely a concert that you will get in trouble for not going
              to....errrrrr support your fellow musicians!!! (Its always fun once you get there, promise!)

9:00pm: You did it!
             Well, honestly you probably didn't. Like that research paper outline/opening paragraph over the
              history of whatever flutey topic you decided to pick...yeah its due tomorrow. Best get writing!

And that's just Tuesday or Thursday's schedule...

Happy Thursday! Now you know what I'll be doing.....

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February 26, 2013

Winston Weekly


I've just been the worst ever about my Winston Weekly's being consistent!! Super sorry :)

To make up for it, heres the over the top precious-ness of wittle baby Winston! I can't believe he will be 4 this year! And I miss him like crazy....being obsessed/crazy in love with your family dog when you don't live with your family pretty much stinks.

Now, on a completely different note- I miss motorcycles.

I saw a music school acquaintance just riding his motorcycle up to the building like a freakin cool kid, and BAM nostalgia!

My brother is a motorcycle riding cool kid, and he used to take me on rides quite a bit.

BEHOLD these HILARIOUS photos from a good half a decade ago (seriously, has it been that long?!) of me and my twin broha being uber nerds while pretending to be BA cool moto kids.

Isn't he a cutie?!

Like this one because our profiles are TOTALLY the same. Twins, what can I say?

And this pretty much defines our relationship.

Ok, so I miss motorcycles AND my brother. 

Side note, this girl is pretty much as pale as these old photos. Time to get some sun!!

Do you guys have any skin friendly suggestions for me to try in the dead of (Texas) winter?

February 24, 2013

Social Sunday: The Awkward Years

I'm not an extrememly social person on Sundays (haha- get it...Sunday Social....) but this topic is just too good/embarrassing to resist!

The Awkward Years

What was your biggest fashion mistake?
Fashion? HAH,  well that infers that I had any sense of style in high school (which I absolutely did not).

In high school you could find me in jeans, t-shirts, and converse. I wore the same two pairs all through high school.....every. day.

Behold my ratty old converse (that I refuse to let my mom trash, FYI) next to a friend's high-tops (of matching color) on a band trip to the Rose Bowl in California! Oh yeah- marching band for the win!!

Also, I should mention that I went through a little bit of a punk stage. You know, bright colored or fake leather belts with two layers of holes all the way around...

My best was probably a lime green shirt that said "I <3 NERDS" in hot pink. Cute, right??

I now present to you (although you can't see it) the infamous "I am the evil twin" shirt- in the prime of my "punk" phase. Parker (my real life twin brother) had a matching shirt in red. We may have worn it together on several accidental occassions.

Who were your best friends in high school?
Although I consider high school to not exactly be the best part of my life (I mean...who really likes high school??), looking back I was blessed with some pretty great friends. And some crappy ones....but lets focus on the good.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the best of the best best friend since the day we met (in the cafeteria) in the 8th grade. 

Emmi (although I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones who still calls her that) AKA Mrs. Emily Robinson had been homeschooled for several years, and we met because we were the outcast/shy ones at a lunch table full of chattery middle school girls (no boys duh/ew). How tragically funny and perfectly middle school is that? But seriously, not exhaggerating when I say we've been best friends ever since!

8th graders, going to our first "high school" function- the "Fish Dance" where everyone was forced to wear the same t-shirt and you were thrown into a sea of 8th graders from your middle school combined with the other two middle schools where you most likely didn't know a single person, therefore "danced" desperately clinging to your itty-bitty group of friends.

If I remember correctly, we did this photoshoot during one of my visits home from my freshman year at Baylor- 2007!

Growing up!! Em got married to her high school sweetheart in the summer of 2010 and I was thrilled to be in her wedding!!! From this photo you might get an idea of why people (to this day!) think we are sisters. <3

This low-quality iPhone photo is the most recent we have from an outing to our favorite spot in Kingwood. Now go look back at our first photo in middle school- HAHAHA. Love it.

Another special individual who has blessed me with their frienship for many many years is Zach. Zachary Wayne and I survived the awkward transition from best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend and back again and are still friend soul mates. I absolutely adore this man and how far he has come!!

Zachary and I (in the band hall, duh)- I'm pretty sure this was the last week of our senior year at KHS? 

Zachary as my work (Vision Source) Christmas party date in 2011!

More KHS friends at graduation: Parker, me, Lauren (who later became my freshman roomie at Baylor), Stevie Jo, and Ben!
Church besties on our senior mission trip to Florida.

What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?

Typical weekend included high school football games with the marching band (KM4B, band, was AMAZING, KHS football....not so much), weekly trips to Taco Bell, practicing the flute, probably a trip to the mall to hang out with Emmi, and church/youth choir/Houston Youth Symphony on Sundays!

Yes, if you have a good eye, that IS Zach as drum major! Adorable, no? :)

Did you have any boyfriends?
Ummm....yes. Now that I think about it I actually pretty much had a boyfriend a year. Oops? Didn't seem like that much back then!!!

If I had to rank them from most important or long/term though (that sounds weird...) I would have to mention Zach and Ben. Like I said, Zach is still an important part of my life, and Ben was just a super sweet heart and has grown up to be a wonderful man. He is still one of my brother's best friends and will be getting married this summer- super exciting! :)

Did you have any secret codes with your friends?
Not in high school, but if I were at my parents house in Houston I'm sure I could dig up an old notebook from middle school that I kept with a few friends (for passing notes in the hallway, of course....sort of like a shared "notes diary") that had a freaking crazy code we made up! Y'all (like I said, parents house in Houston) we made up some crazy symbol for every single letter of the alphabet! Boy were we nuts.

If I ever unearth it, I'll be sure to link back to this post with a photo of that craziness! 

We also wrote in "Pig-Latin" a lot thinking that no one else was clever enough to understand us.

Idday anyay otheray oggersblay usay igpay atinlay?

Ok, nerd alert over. According to the almighty Wikipedia, Thomas Jefferson exchanged notes with friends in Pig Latin. So we were pretty much geniuses....

If you could relive one day/moment/experience from high school what would it be?
Wow, what a loaded question! After high school was over, I probably would have said NOTHING- thinking it to be the most miserable four years of my life, but I think I changed my mind.

I can't pinpoint a certain experience, but summer mission trips, youth group gatherings, homecoming dances, and group hang outs at our friend Cole's house are all highlights for me. We had a great group and a great time, and now I'm going to start planning a reunion because I miss them!!!

Happy reminiscing, and be sure to link-up so I can stalk your high school photos ;)

February 22, 2013

Lots of Happies + extra EXCITING NEWS!

Today I'm linkin-up for another Friday wrap-up of Happies and Crappies!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Let me tell you guys, what a whirl wind of a week this has been! You've probably notice a few more "bummed out" than normal posts lately, but NOT ANYMORE! But that will come later ;)



Drew did NOT get to swear in to the Army AGAIN. So many different ordeals (none of them his fault) and so much waiting! I'm blessed to have such a patient man, but poor sweetheart needs to catch a break!!

Because of said Army difficulites, Drew has been back and forth to Dallas every other day for the past two weeks. Mega bummer!


Fun flute choir concert with the Baylor Honor Flutes this week! Every Sunday, the Baylor flute studio meets with a group of high school and middle school flutists from the area, and we finally put on a concert of all the music we have been practicing!

These are three of the adorable young ladies I teach private lessons to every week. I swear I'm taller than them....they all plotted against me and wore heels. 

Got to have another Sarah date this week. Yep, go ahead and be jealous...or just come to Waco and visit!

Drew loved his belated Valentine's gift! And I love that I have such a goofy fun man that I can buy Happy Socks for :) 

He is wearing the green stripy ones today, if you were wondering...

Now, for my blogging friends who have been with me for a while now, you know I had an audition for an Artist Diploma program that did NOT go so well. (This isn't a "crappie," promise!)

Well, my SUPER HAPPY/EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT is not that I got in to the program in Illinois,
but that I randomly decided to apply the the most prestigious private studio ever in England (stalk here, but ignore the mega 90's geocities-style website)

and DRUMROLL............


So, I am incredibly honored and excited and terrified to announce that I will be moving to England in the fall  to study with get my butt kicked by the world famous flutist Trevor Wye for 6 whole months!!! Its going to be such an incredibly and life-changing experience, and I am so excited to share all of my journey with you all!!

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments and notes these past few weeks, I appreciate you all more than you know!

I hope you are excited to join with me on my journey to England! EEEEEEE :)

More details on England as time goes on, and I hope you all have a blessed and relaxing weekend! <3

February 18, 2013

Truth be told, I'm lion.

I'm a huge sucker for puns (like the TaterPot that I found at Walmart this week).

So I was pretty pumped when I found out about this awesome "Truth be told, I'm lion" link-up!

Because I just lurve blogger friend interaction, you'll have to either know me super well, or leave a comment for me guessing which statement you think is a lie to find out!

What a fun nosy game, right?! Kind of like the Facts of ME link-up in January.


  • I'm allergic to peanuts, shellfish, and the great outdoors. (What do you eat...or breath?? -I know, bummer.)
  • I'm a Cooper Vision certified contact lens specialist. (Are you studying optometry?? -No, I'm a musician.)
  • My boyfriend been featured on two A-list records...Tenth Avenue North and Chris Tomlin, to be exact. (Is your boyfriend a super trumpet stud muffin?! Why yes, he is.)

NOW, if you just can't handle the suspense- hurry up and comment with what you think my lie is, and I'll respond ASAP!
NOW, go visit JenaSarahAlexa, and Lauren and link-up with your two truths and a lie!
(Don't lie in real life- lying is bad.)

This weekend, No. 7

Linking up with two of my faves- Syndal and Sarah- for This weekend, I....

Quite honestly, my weekend starting about when my last blog post went up, but I have been totally absent from the blogging world since them because of a little jaunt to San Antonio for "music major holiday" aka TMEA aka Texas Music Educators Association (convention).

Also, quite honestly, I am feeling absolutely uninspired and entirely un-creative today.

I need to get out of this funk! And I need to take more photos, Oops.

I also need to remember that I started a post called "Winston Weekly" and then only posted liiiiike twice. Mega oops. Sorry guys!

"but Mom, why can't I go too?!" (because I speak dog)

I did get to see two of my besties, Ainsley and Brittany. Its been way too long and I didn't get to see them long enough! But it was fun to give them hugs and have a super quick catch up- can't wait to see them again!

(me, Britt, and Ainsley)

Do you have those days when you feel over/underwhelmed all at the same time? Too much to do, don't wanna do anything? So much to accomplish, so little energy or enthusiasm?

If this is your first time visiting me, I promise I'm not always "blaaah blah blah so sad woe is me I'm not funny"- please come back and visit or just click through old Winston posts ;)

February 14, 2013

This and That- PINK

Recently Roached

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you have a significant other or not, I hope you take some time love on yourself. You are so special and you deserve to be happy!
Today I'm linking up with Jena and Katie for This 'n That Thursday! 

This is Sarah holding our Chuy's margs. Isn't she adorable? Not only is she adorable, but she's the best.

This date was titled Hormones and Happy Hour. I think Sarah came up with name.
*The "hormones" part was me and the "happy" part was Sarah, but she successfully made me happy as well.

That is really bright pink. I ordered it because it was really bright pink. And the nice waiter brought us samples. And the nice waiter maybe brought us samples because they were having a contest of who could sell the most of the really bright pink thing.

This is the necklace I purchased at the Forever 21 (for $6.98) after said Hormones and Happy Hour
Definition: retail therapy. Am I right?

Next day went to Target/Tarjay and wanted to buy everything  and bought these super cutie fringe boots that were on clearance ($25)! I've had my eye on boots like this for awhile. Woooooo! 

Ok, I maybe had a rough first half of the week and went shopping two days in a row. BUT, here's to knowing that God has a plan and trusting that life will go according to higher plans. Because my plans just stink.

February 12, 2013

Pinspiration: Wall Deco

Musicians, especially those of the student variety, spend an ungodly amount of time in soul sucking holes known as practice rooms. 

As woodwind (flute/clarinet/oboe/saxophone/bassoon) graduate assistants, a handful of us get to share an extra large soul sucking hole that we affectionately call our "office". 

*This is the room where I take the majority of my full length mirror/fashionista-wanna-be outfit shots.

What you have NOT seen of the the "office" is the Pinterest inspired DIY wall that Darbi and I spent a long an awesome Sunday night on!

Longing to feel more inspired and happy to spend hours upon hours our practice room soul sucking hole, we decided to do a little refurb. 

We used:
* coffee filters
* cupcake liners
* mini cupcake liners
* push pins

This project is as easy as it looks! For bigger flowers, layer your liners- biggest on the bottom!

I scrunched my liners just a bit so the flowers didn't come out as perfect circles.

We also wanted to incorperate an inspirational quote since we had a large empty wall.
*See my quote "pinspiration" HERE!

For the floating letters effect, we simply used black push pins on black cardstock!

I just love how it turned out!! Can't even imagine a yucky plain wall there anymore...

What pinspiration projects have you been working on lately?

February 9, 2013

Audition Land

Little bit about me. I am a flute player.
Not just a flute player, but an aspiring professional performer. *aspiring

Flutey photo courtesy of a 2011 photo shoot with Ann Payne Photography

Flutey-fun-photo is decieving, ya'll. Its a tough world! 

I wish I had statistics for you, but basically there are a bajillion of us flute players-  half a bajillion stupid talented ones- all cat fighting to the death for uhhhhh 3 spots. But seriously.

Not quite ready to make it in the grown up music world, unlike my super star boyfriend, I decided to audition for a one-year Artist Diploma (non-degree) program at the University of Illinois (because their flute prof is the bomb). 

Audition was this weekend, and y'all, it was horrendous (to use Drew's fav derogatory adjective). Not even joking. 

Most of you don't know me personally yet, but I'm honestly not the type to just wallow in self-pity. 
With that said- it stunk. My brain decided that my fingers really didn't need to go along with what my eyes were seeing or with what I had rehearsed  over and over and over and....

ANYWAYS, being in Chicago (for a few minutes, airport style) brought me #SOCLOSEYETSOFARAWAY from my dear dear undergrad friend and flute soulmate, Cara!

Paige and Cara WITH TANS brought to you by South Padre Island, Summer 2010

This woman is AMAZING (and getting married this summer EEEEE) and it was a complete tragedy that I didn't get to see her this weekend. I should mention that Cara is also a super star, having recently won a symphony job herself! Yay Caracaracara!

Being overly sentimental, I have been revisiting a video of us playing together at my senior recital. It was such a special moment and I really want to share it with you guys!
*to see the video in all its glory and to "like/comment/blahblahblah" just search Paige and Cara flute on Youtube!! 

Hoping to leave this kind of sobby blog post (sorry guys) on a happy note- I love Cara, I love the flute, and I love playing the flute with Cara!

 (Ok, that maybe just made me more sad since we live a freakin world apart)

I'm going to go run in the hotel work-out room until my legs fall off. 

The End.

February 7, 2013

MK Valentine's Giveaway!

Thursday is super exciting day. Why?

Tomorrow is Friday, and tomorrow I fly off to the dream land of Illinois for my audition! What audition?

More about that on Monday.

(I am not doing well about staying away from the blogging world this week like I said I would...oops- you guys are too great!)

Today I just want to share this fantastic giveaway with you guys!

Hosted by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals and 17 other super awesome blogging ladies- can you believe they are giving away one of these beautiful Michael Kors watches? Happy Valentines Day to you, lucky girl!!!

So- give them a look and give yourself a chance at this crazy pretty wrist party!

February 6, 2013

Winston Weekly

In the midst of this absolutely crazy week, I decided to find the time to bring you...

Winston Weekly!

This is my little morning snuggle bug!! Best part of the day :)

Happy Wednesday!

February 4, 2013

PB & Honey

For those of you who have been with me for awhile:
I co-started this blog with a lovely friend of mine, but I am now pleased to announce a blog that is completely my own!

For my new friends:
PB & Honey is a reference to my loves: boy, dog, music, kitchen, ect.

(It also may or may not be a reference to the type of sandwich I  consumed nearly every day of my middle and high school career.)

HUGEST mega thanks in the world goes out to my blog mentor and wonderful friend Sarah over at the Life of Love blog- my adorable new layout/everything would not have been possible without her!
You da best!!

This Weekend, No. 6

Guess what guys....its Monday. UGH. This week is just going to be a load of productive misery for me and I will most likely be absent from the blogging world. Say a little prayer for me! Flying to Illinois on Friday for my Artist Diploma program audition on Saturday! EEP

I'm linking up with Syndal and Sarah for a quick weekend re-cap! Don't forget to let us know how your weekend went!

I started of this weekend with a spring in my step. 
Found these lovely jeans on clearance at Marshall's for just $15!! Felt very fortunate someone else didn't snag them up first...

This weekend I attempted another Pinterest recipe. If I had taken a photo of the final product it could have been on one of those awesome "pinterest fail" websites, BUT it was yummy anyways!

This is that recipe floating around for pancakes made out of one mashed up banana and one egg. 
I had to try this for myself, and surprisingly the result didn't taste like banana scrambled eggs! It was actually pretty delicious (I added blueberries), but the final presentation was just awful since I couldn't get the shape to hold! 
Has anyone else had better luck with banana pancakes? Do share!!

This weekend the weather was beautiful and I enjoyed some quality time sitting in the sun with my pup.

This weekend my parents got back from their cruise and I had to give Winston back :(
I did NOT cry, however I felt like it when I got home last night and realized there would be no puppy snuggles before bed. I miss him already!!!

Until next week...

February 1, 2013

Happies and Crappies- part 3

Happy February! Linking up with Sarah and Stephanie for their third weekly....

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up


First of all, precious little man was here all week. I. Love. Him. I can't even describe my joy from how many times I got to snuggle him.

We ate pretty well this week! (and by pretty well, I mean healthy, not like your grandma's-delicious-chicken-spaghetti-and-Pizza-Hut well)

Photo numero uno shows a breakfast I was especially proud of- "wilted" spinach (FANCY) with a fried egg (not quite so fancy), but yum!

Photo numero dos, when adding two handfuls of spinach which are not pictured, represents the amount of fruits/veggies Drew and I consumed in one sitting. Hazzah for juicing!

Tie-up shirt: Valerie Bertinelli (Marshall's)
Sweater: "Ultra-Soft" Cardi (Target)
Jacket: Forever 21 (Amelia's find!)
Denim: YMI (also an Amelia's find)
Shoes: Target (worn here)

Threw together this outfit that turned out pretty fun. I also figured out that straightening my bangs prevents the fun humidity inspired Farrah Fawcett hair-who knew? (Nothing against Farrah Fawcett! I just don't pull that look off quite as well...)

Shoes: Nine West

New!! You guys. I can't help it!!! 

1) Marshall's is great. 
2) The best boyfriend ever bought them for me.
3) Loafers!
4) Tassles.


....yeah, I can't think of any right now!

I hope you all have a very blessed start to your brand new month, and don't forget to link-up to share your weekly highlights!