February 9, 2013

Audition Land

Little bit about me. I am a flute player.
Not just a flute player, but an aspiring professional performer. *aspiring

Flutey photo courtesy of a 2011 photo shoot with Ann Payne Photography

Flutey-fun-photo is decieving, ya'll. Its a tough world! 

I wish I had statistics for you, but basically there are a bajillion of us flute players-  half a bajillion stupid talented ones- all cat fighting to the death for uhhhhh 3 spots. But seriously.

Not quite ready to make it in the grown up music world, unlike my super star boyfriend, I decided to audition for a one-year Artist Diploma (non-degree) program at the University of Illinois (because their flute prof is the bomb). 

Audition was this weekend, and y'all, it was horrendous (to use Drew's fav derogatory adjective). Not even joking. 

Most of you don't know me personally yet, but I'm honestly not the type to just wallow in self-pity. 
With that said- it stunk. My brain decided that my fingers really didn't need to go along with what my eyes were seeing or with what I had rehearsed  over and over and over and....

ANYWAYS, being in Chicago (for a few minutes, airport style) brought me #SOCLOSEYETSOFARAWAY from my dear dear undergrad friend and flute soulmate, Cara!

Paige and Cara WITH TANS brought to you by South Padre Island, Summer 2010

This woman is AMAZING (and getting married this summer EEEEE) and it was a complete tragedy that I didn't get to see her this weekend. I should mention that Cara is also a super star, having recently won a symphony job herself! Yay Caracaracara!

Being overly sentimental, I have been revisiting a video of us playing together at my senior recital. It was such a special moment and I really want to share it with you guys!
*to see the video in all its glory and to "like/comment/blahblahblah" just search Paige and Cara flute on Youtube!! 

Hoping to leave this kind of sobby blog post (sorry guys) on a happy note- I love Cara, I love the flute, and I love playing the flute with Cara!

 (Ok, that maybe just made me more sad since we live a freakin world apart)

I'm going to go run in the hotel work-out room until my legs fall off. 

The End.

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  1. Aww, bummer about your audition!! Can you try out again at some point? On the plus side, that picture of you with the flute is SO cute. :) I think you should plan a trip to Chicago asap for some girly time with Cara!