Meet Paige

Hey Y'all!

My life has been in transition mode since 2007!

Since then I’ve:
-Completed two flute performance degrees at Baylor University (Sic Em!)
-Met the love of my life, Drew!
-Written letters to get Drew through BCT
-Proudly watched Drew join the Army’s Pershing’s Own as a bugler in Washing DC
-Lived in England for six months studying flute with Trevor Wye
-Cheered Drew on from England as he won a second job with the Annapolis Symphony

So, we’re a couple of musicians, now engaged! We’re in the midst of planning a crazy quick wedding and then to happily ever after in Washington DC we go J

I’m happy that you’re here sharing the story with us!


PB & Honey is a blog dedicated to my "hunnies"- the kitchen one, the music one, the boy one, and the dog one!

**PB & Honey "Hi, I'm Paige!" photo courtesy of Ann Payne Photography


  1. Precious little Fuzzy Man!! OMG I just want to hold him and love him!

    ...And I promise I'm not a web stalker. :) Sar will tell you, I'm addicted to binge commenting. Can't wait to see all your adorable fuzzy pup photos! I have a ton, too. You can meet my boys, here:

    The fluffy little white guy Squanto passed on this last summer :'( but the big boy Sequoia is still practically a puppy - 2 years old this Christmas Eve. Love my fuzzies!!!! I bet you miss yours.

  2. Hi!

    You had me at Texas girl and flute player, just like me!

    New follower from the "Just because" hop.

    Yaya @

  3. Hi Paige! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award!

    Check out this post of mine for more information:

  4. Look at you, so official!!! ;) Love it.