May 30, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Drew, you've been gone for four days and I have already written you four letters. The only problem is that I don't have your BCT address yet so you will most likely get a weeks worth of letters in one envelope! Also, I've been practicing my cursive on you because it makes me feel fancy. Dear doctor, thanks for the steroid pack to help my week-long sore throat. You the man! Dear mom, thanks for helping me go through ALL my stuff. It's not very fun. Dear cough, I can't sleep and I hate you. Dear flute, I promise I'm coming back to you soon! It's the sore throat and cough's fault....promise! Dear Winston, thanks for being the best and cutest fluff. Dear blog friends, thank you SO much for your encouragement! Especially from those of you with spouses or significant others in the military- it really means the world to me!

One more thing- I finally created a Facebook page for my blog! Woohoo!! Now, I would love it if you would head on over and "like" it! Be sure to let me know if your blog is on Facebook too! You can find me over at :)


May 29, 2013

Blogging from home means only one thing....

Sad story:

Out of curiousity, I asked Winston "Where's Drew?" because I wanted to see if he would remember and react to his name like he does to our immediate family....big mistake. Puppy dog went ruuuuunning to the door expecting Drew to show up, and still 10 minutes later is sitting on the doormat watching outside. I'm a big jerk. I didn't mean it!!! Poor baby :(

Update on Drew:

I got to talk to him today!! It was a surprise, so that was nice! Poor baby sounded like a zombie though and said he has only slept one hour in the last.....since I dropped him off. He's still in "reception" though getting all his supplies, shots, glasses, hair cut, and all that fun stuff and won't start actual boot camp until Friday or Saturday.

Now, all I really have for you today is a bunch of pictures of my dog because duh thats what happens when I visit home. I know- you're SO disappointed. (not)

Supposedly this is his new favorite spot. Too cute. Little man!!

Just watching some tv together. He barks every single time he sees an animal!

Outside adventures. 

Holding down the fort.

TOO CUTE. I read someone's blog today (don't remember exactly who...sorry!) and they were talking about how they loved their child more than they ever thought was possible and how they sometimes just sit and wonder how its possible to love something that much.....and I immediately thought "Thats how I feel about Winston!!!" He's just the perfect little creature....UGH!!!! I'm obsessed. Is that weird? 


May 28, 2013

I didn't cry!

Well....almost. I think I should get credit for not bawling in the adjacent parking lot.

I've been a little absent from the social media world and that's because I wanted to spend as much time with Drew as possible before he shipped out for basic training-which was this morning. 

Now, back to the part about crying. I didn't do it! Ok ok ok, I teared up a bit during the hugs/I love yous/goodbye, especially when he lifted up my sunglasses to look into my eyes....(uuuuuuugh), but no blubbering from this girl!! 

Proud doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for this man right now. If only I could accurately explain how much of his life's work lead him to this moment! 

To catch some of you up: Drew is off to basic (Army) because he won an audition to be a trumpeter in the Pershing's Own. Pershing's is the premiere Army band that plays ceremonially in DC. His job will also include playing Taps at the Arlington cemetery. Such an honor!! 

He will be gone until sometime in August... I'm honestly not sure yet! But I do know that we're going to get pretty good at writing letters! Which I'm excited about. 

I hope you will join me in praying for Drew- for physical, mental, and emotional endurance. Basic training!! He can get through it, I know! And then he gets to start a dream job, doing what he loves, and living in DC!! This does start the long distance part of our relationship....but I'm excited for what is in store for both of us in the future!!

Oh! And I almost forgot to announce (one of the reasons I feel bad for being MIA) congrats to our Effie and Dru giveaway winner, Sarah Ellis!! We hope you love your new dress!! And so many thanks to all who participated :)  


May 23, 2013

Just shoot!

So, let me tell you a little bit about my friend, Sarah.
And yes, I realize our posts today might be similar so... deal with it!!

I met Sarah because:
1) Drew is awesome.
2) Drew has an awesome best friend.
3) Awesome best friend (RP3) moved to Austin and started dating Sarah.
4) I get to be friends with Sarah.

Sarah is the one who introduced me to the blogging world. Shes adorable, funny, personable, genuine, extremely intelligent, and caring- and I am very very thankful that in this whole huge world of crazies that I got to meet her!! (Thanks Drew/RP3!!) She calls my boyfriend Drewf and calls me Paigers, and did I mention that she has the gift of gift-giving?? 

Anywho, we immediately felt at home with Sarah and were excited when she told us that she bought a new lens for her camera and wanted to use us as her guinea pigs!

Isn't he handsome?? :) Got to send some of these grad photos to his momma, which was a huge blessing.

Yep- definitely the man I know and love! :)

Yeah thats probably more like it......

and this....

or this! :)

But seriously, we love the photos, Sarah!!!

Drew leaves for bootcamp on Monday....for 9 whole weeks. Then he moves to DC! and I'll still be in TX. And then I'm moving to England for 6 months! It will be a wonderful gift to have these photos while Drew is gone and then while I'm out of the country!! I'm so grateful for our first year and a half together living in the same city, and I'm excited for our adventures in the future. 

Thank you Sarah!!! :)

P.S. DON'T FORGET to enter for your free dress from Effie and Dru! Only one more day!!!

May 22, 2013


First of all, out of selfishness, thank you Jesus that my family is ok. All but a handful of them live extremely close to the path of the storms.

Second of all, my thoughts and prayers are constantly with the people whose lives, families, friends, homes, and towns have been affected by the tornados. Growing up in Oklahoma I know all to well how that goes...

These photos were taken by my precious baby cousin (ok, so she's not a baby anymore....beautiful grown up talented teenager!!) who just constantly blows me away with her talent. I asked her permission to share these with you to help us all comprehend how close and how much destruction Oklahoma is facing. Again, thank God you are ok Sierra!!! She was less than a mile from the tornado when it passed and came out with these gorgeous and devastating shots.

to put things in perspective, this is a pool.....filled with debri. 

the entire neighborhood...
These people need our help. They need any tiny help that we can give. We participate in giveaways, we give $5 or $10 or $15 at the drop of a hat to help grow our blogs, and I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty, I just truly believe that that much can make a difference.

Click here to donate to the Red Cross for disaster relief.

You can also donate to OK Disaster Relief through the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

Now, on a (slightly) lighter note- hug your families/friends and tell them that you love them, and know that life is very very fragile. There have been so many tragedies lately that I hope can serve as a reminder to myself and to you all not to take what we have for granted!!!

I realise that I am not the only one who feels close to this specific event, so let me know if I can keep any of you in my thoughts and prayers!

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May 20, 2013

Effie and Dru **GIVEAWAY**

I have a fun surprise for you today!!

Remember when I interviewed Brittany from Effie and Dru? Well, she sent me this ADORABLE dress and is now giving away to one of you, my lovely blog friends!!

**HUGE thanks to Drew for going out with me, taking photos, and editing them!! Best BF :)

I can't wait to wear this fun summer dress on its first real outing next weekend- a casual wedding! I also made Drew promise that we would go on a fun date before he leaves for basic so I'd have another reason to wear it ;)

How would you style this dress??

Maybe cowboy boots? Wedges? Sandals? I think it could go with all three!
Also with belts or a blazer or a variety of necklaces? Talk about versatility! :)

There a two lovely ladies who are helping me to promote Brittany and her new boutique- let me introduce them to you!!

 photo Logo5Button2_zps4cc37603.png
Tawny from Tawny's Tid Bits
Sarah from the Racing Bassist

I hope you enjoy visiting them and saying hello- we hope you stick around and enter to win this fabulous dress!!

Waco the Beautiful

Hi friends :) Today I'm linking up with Sarah and Syndal for "this weekend, I..."

This weekend, my parents and brother came to visit me in Waco, and for the first time it wasn't for a concert/recital or moving! We spent the majority of a beautiful sunny day in the nationally renown Cameron Park. 

If you have ever heard complaints about Waco, I hope this post will change your mind!

"Jacob's Ladder"

Saying goodbye to Winston! 

Hi dad!

Ghost brother!

Beautiful, no?! I absolutely cannot wait to go back. I can't believe in my 6 years at Baylor that I didn't take the time to get lost in this wonderful place!

Better late than never, right?? 

 Oh yeah, Winston was here too ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Keep an eye out tomorrow for something really exciting!!!! :) 

May 17, 2013

Clever Title Friday

Linking up with the lovelies Sarah and Stephanie for a little end of the week synopsis!
You know you can count on me for food pics, and talk of school, Drew, and my dog- so here we go!!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
the good parts

* I ran and worked out a few times this week and didn't die! Go me! :)

* Did well on the final exam in my 20th Century Music History seminar. Woohoo!

* Wrote about this fun interview with Brittany from Effie and Dru! (We'll be hearing more from her soon. hint hint!!!)

* Spent some wonderful quality time with my friends. The semester is over so we all finally feel relaxed- and have a new found addiction to Phase 10!!!

* Went to Cafe Cappuccino for the first time- THIS YEAR! What is wrong with me- seriously?

girl meal- since I know you're curious, thats a guac omelet!!

boy meal- Wow I'm hungry.....

* Saw Gatsby. AH-MAZING. HOLY COW GOODNESS. I thought it was perfect. Can't WAIT to pick up the book again! Leo looks goooooood. The film was just stunning. 
(thats my legit review)

   Also, finally saw Silver Linings Playbook and really really Really enjoyed it! Jennifer Lawrence is just a shining freakin diamond in the rough, man....I adore her!

* Best of all- my parents, brother, and Winston (EEEEEE!) will be here all day Friday!

the bad part

* Just one, but its a big one. Drew's date of departure for bootcamp looms in my all too near future... 10 days until we say goodbye for three whole months and begin our LDR for a year ...which I'm SURE will dominate my blog topics for awhile. Sorry, and you're welcome for the warning! I'm absolutely thrilled for our futures/future and for new chapters of life and for endless possibilities, but I'm SAD. Sad sad sad and its getting harder and harder to be happy and carefree during the time I get to spend with him!!

Ok ok ok, enough of the deep dark sappy junk.

Time to link up with Whitney for fun music share time!

I LOVE THE VOICE. hashtag teamadam teamblake

First of all let me say how proud I am of Holly Tucker- Baylor sophomore!!! She's kickin butt, y'all!

Still feeling mega loyal to Sarah.....isn't she amazing?!? 

May 16, 2013

Nostalgia, Part 3.

Semester #3 of my Masters degree is officially over! I honestly can't believe I'm so close to being done....
These "Nostalgia" posts are getting a bit spread out, but holy cow the end of the semester was nuts!
I have one more year of my undergrad to document on the blog....and then maybe if I feel like it, I'll do a brief grad school catch-up as well.

Needless to say, junior year at Baylor was a good one. I'm going to skip over the part where it was one of the hardest years of my life and just go ahead and focus on all amazing memories that came from that year!

So, I present to you 2009-2010 at Baylor University:

Spent lots of glorious time with my little, Kate. (SO many pictures with her this year!!) 
Yes, we match in both photos.

Moved into apt #2 with one of my best friends! Lots of good memories in this place :) 
I'm actually in the process of moving out of this very apartment right now- four years later!

Got a new piercing that did NOT make my parents very happy.... (Number 6, to be exact....) 

Met and fell head over heals in love with this wittle bitty man!!! Baby Winston :) 

Got to play with the Waco Symphony Orchestra for the first time- Christmas concert!! 

Played my first degree recital- it was a success! This was the moment I discovered how much I love sharing music with people :) 

**Sidenote- Any flutey people reading this blog by any change pleaaase ignore the rolled in flute and super tense face- I've been working on all those things since then ;)

Had the honor and privilege of being Mu Phi's Vice President with the freaking amazing and hilarious Victoria. (We were VP.....get it...?) We had the best time with this job!

And finally, I met one of my future best friends. Christina is now my roomie (for three more days.....) and is getting married in August and I'm so happy to be a part of her wedding!!!

Now I just have to move out of my apartment with minimal meltdowns....and then embark on one of the craziest journeys I've ever confronted in my whole entire 24 year old life!!! But more on that later.....

For those of you that are teachers and students, I hope the end of your school year has wrapped up/will wrap up smoothly! Anyone still have some school left?

Happy Thursday everyone :)