May 23, 2013

Just shoot!

So, let me tell you a little bit about my friend, Sarah.
And yes, I realize our posts today might be similar so... deal with it!!

I met Sarah because:
1) Drew is awesome.
2) Drew has an awesome best friend.
3) Awesome best friend (RP3) moved to Austin and started dating Sarah.
4) I get to be friends with Sarah.

Sarah is the one who introduced me to the blogging world. Shes adorable, funny, personable, genuine, extremely intelligent, and caring- and I am very very thankful that in this whole huge world of crazies that I got to meet her!! (Thanks Drew/RP3!!) She calls my boyfriend Drewf and calls me Paigers, and did I mention that she has the gift of gift-giving?? 

Anywho, we immediately felt at home with Sarah and were excited when she told us that she bought a new lens for her camera and wanted to use us as her guinea pigs!

Isn't he handsome?? :) Got to send some of these grad photos to his momma, which was a huge blessing.

Yep- definitely the man I know and love! :)

Yeah thats probably more like it......

and this....

or this! :)

But seriously, we love the photos, Sarah!!!

Drew leaves for bootcamp on Monday....for 9 whole weeks. Then he moves to DC! and I'll still be in TX. And then I'm moving to England for 6 months! It will be a wonderful gift to have these photos while Drew is gone and then while I'm out of the country!! I'm so grateful for our first year and a half together living in the same city, and I'm excited for our adventures in the future. 

Thank you Sarah!!! :)

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  1. Does he have a pink hood? I smell music :) The candid shots are cute. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love these!! Drewf is soooo cute. ;) The silly pics are hilarious. I'm sad he is leaving on Monday!! But it will fly by I'm sure. You are a busy girl, so that will help!

  3. Those pictures are awesome and have so much personality!

  4. I love the one where you're laughing and have your legs in his lap! So cute!

  5. Just checking in from the Just Because Link-Up! I love these photos! Have a great day :)

  6. You look fierce in that last photo! They are adorable! Also, you should come VISIT DC because.... 1) Drew obviously 2) I live 30minutes from DC!

  7. Lovelovelove these pictures! They're so cute and fun. I, too, love Sarah! Yay for Sarah's!! :)

  8. These photos came out soo cute my fellow Baylor bear ;)!!

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