May 5, 2013

Nostalgia, Part 2.

I WILL be taking a summer class at Baylor before I graduate in August, but my last week of classes with days full of familiar faces and memorable music making with my professors and friends is officially over.

I'm glad that I'll be around this summer so I don't have to say goodbye to these last 6 years quite yet!!

And part two of my self created "Nostalgia" series is born... (again pardon the not so great quality photos from 2008)

First apartment I ever lived in!! Roomies painted certain walls of the living room lime green. I kind of loved it...

First ventures into being cooking boxed fried rice. 
Also, to my past self- good grief, didn't your mother tell you to not let your bra straps show?!

Drove to Oklahoma (against my parents will) to visit a friend. Got in LOTS of trouble, and got my first speeding ticket on the way home. Oops!

But check out those gas prices!! I remember that being astronomically high....

Played a bunch of concerts. I could start a series of all the pictures of us wearing all black and taking photos in this very same lobby....but that would be boring.

Chelsea and Simon quickly became two of my very best friends. We have a lot of good memories together!

Dyed my hair for the first time (with Cara, of course). In the bathtub. With a turkey baster. 

Got my very own "little" in Mu Phi Epsilon- she's still one of my closest friends to this day!!

You can check her out at Kate the Reader- especially if you love books!

Went on my first campus photo shoot. In my first pair of boots. Pretty much thought I was the coolest kid ever. Hah.

*Photo by David Ngo. 

So so so many fun pictures that I feel like I would need to get my friends approval before I just won't bother. Sophomore year hosted many jumping photos, lots of themed parties, too many pranks (generally geared towards me), and lots of photos where we just look completely awful but I know we were having the time of our lives!!

I'm hope I'm not boring you with my trip down memory lane, because I'm enjoying every second of it!
And Baylor friends, if I come across a photo of you that I forgot about, you can expect it to show up in your inbox. ;)

Happy Cinco de Mayo (AKA day before my birthday) friends! I hope you get to soak up some rays, eat plenty of chips and salsa, and down a few margaritas!!

Check back tomorrow for my birthday post and an awesome Mother's Day giveaway!!!


  1. I loved this trip down memory lane. I am in a sorority and have a little and she has two littles and they each have two and well... my family has grown and I love it. I also love that lime green shade :)

  2. Your nostalgia is giving me nostalgia. :) i Love the photo shoot pic!