May 29, 2013

Blogging from home means only one thing....

Sad story:

Out of curiousity, I asked Winston "Where's Drew?" because I wanted to see if he would remember and react to his name like he does to our immediate family....big mistake. Puppy dog went ruuuuunning to the door expecting Drew to show up, and still 10 minutes later is sitting on the doormat watching outside. I'm a big jerk. I didn't mean it!!! Poor baby :(

Update on Drew:

I got to talk to him today!! It was a surprise, so that was nice! Poor baby sounded like a zombie though and said he has only slept one hour in the last.....since I dropped him off. He's still in "reception" though getting all his supplies, shots, glasses, hair cut, and all that fun stuff and won't start actual boot camp until Friday or Saturday.

Now, all I really have for you today is a bunch of pictures of my dog because duh thats what happens when I visit home. I know- you're SO disappointed. (not)

Supposedly this is his new favorite spot. Too cute. Little man!!

Just watching some tv together. He barks every single time he sees an animal!

Outside adventures. 

Holding down the fort.

TOO CUTE. I read someone's blog today (don't remember exactly who...sorry!) and they were talking about how they loved their child more than they ever thought was possible and how they sometimes just sit and wonder how its possible to love something that much.....and I immediately thought "Thats how I feel about Winston!!!" He's just the perfect little creature....UGH!!!! I'm obsessed. Is that weird? 



  1. Feeling that way about your dog is perfectly fine.... I'm in the same boat. They are our "kids". :)

  2. I feel the exact same way about my cats. They are totally my kids right now. I love them so much!

  3. Oh Winston, what a pup. He will have to give you lots of cuddles whilst Drew's away! (Do you think you can smuggle him to England?! :P)

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