May 7, 2013

Reflections of a 24 year old...

After a full day of being 24, I do feel older and wiser, I must admit!

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday, my birthday ;) , because I sure did!
(After my flute jury and a music history seminar listening final exam...) 

My day might not seem ridiculously exciting to you, but I hugged several people that I love, spend time outdoors in the sun (and in as little clothing as possible, duh), ate wings and fries, and watched a lot of tv. I mean really, what more can a girl ask for? :)

So I present to you- birthday in photos!

Bomb earrings from my best friend in love, Sarah. I've seriously been living in these since I got them!!

Birthday countdown with my brother :)

The avocado gods being pleased with me on my birthday....
seriously tiniest pit ever AND no pit at all?! 

Sunbathing with my hunk of a man. He's been so sweet humoring my desire to lay in the sun doing nothing :) 

And dinner with my main men- Christian and Drew! 
What do you say? That's not what most ladies would want as their birthday dinner? Pshhh....
(You know you want Buffalo Wild Wings now.)

So I don't know about you (but I'm feeling 22....err, 24) but I plan on extending my birthday as long as possible :) Care to join me? What would you do during your birthday week?


  1. during my birthday week, I would get margaritas with Darbi! :)

  2. Glad you had an amazing birthday! <3 <3 Post-birthday margaritas soon?

  3. Yay I'm happy you had a great birthday!! Seriously, those are miracle avocados! And girrrrrl you look like a victoria's secret model in your bikini! I'm so jelly!