May 28, 2013

I didn't cry!

Well....almost. I think I should get credit for not bawling in the adjacent parking lot.

I've been a little absent from the social media world and that's because I wanted to spend as much time with Drew as possible before he shipped out for basic training-which was this morning. 

Now, back to the part about crying. I didn't do it! Ok ok ok, I teared up a bit during the hugs/I love yous/goodbye, especially when he lifted up my sunglasses to look into my eyes....(uuuuuuugh), but no blubbering from this girl!! 

Proud doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for this man right now. If only I could accurately explain how much of his life's work lead him to this moment! 

To catch some of you up: Drew is off to basic (Army) because he won an audition to be a trumpeter in the Pershing's Own. Pershing's is the premiere Army band that plays ceremonially in DC. His job will also include playing Taps at the Arlington cemetery. Such an honor!! 

He will be gone until sometime in August... I'm honestly not sure yet! But I do know that we're going to get pretty good at writing letters! Which I'm excited about. 

I hope you will join me in praying for Drew- for physical, mental, and emotional endurance. Basic training!! He can get through it, I know! And then he gets to start a dream job, doing what he loves, and living in DC!! This does start the long distance part of our relationship....but I'm excited for what is in store for both of us in the future!!

Oh! And I almost forgot to announce (one of the reasons I feel bad for being MIA) congrats to our Effie and Dru giveaway winner, Sarah Ellis!! We hope you love your new dress!! And so many thanks to all who participated :)  



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  3. I'm sorry that you had to say goodbye yesterday, but super excited for the opportunities coming up for both of you! And good job on not blubbering! :) I'll be praying that basic just breezes by for Drew!

  4. Ummm sorry for the 3 comments! Blogger on my phone is cray cray.

  5. Oh man, I cried like a baby everytime my boyfriend left! He was in the Air Force and it just seemed to get harder everytime. :( you can do it!

  6. What an honor! Hoosier and military wife here. :)

    Congrats to your man! I won't lie, the distance is hard, but what we do, we do for love, right? Congrats, again!

  7. Hi Paige! I'm Neri, friend of Tawny from Tawny's Tid Bits. I just came across your post and my heart broke for you as I remembered when my husband went off to basic (almost 17 years ago). It was difficult and we were so young. I just wanted to let you know I just prayed that the Lord would give him the strength and endurance he'll need to get him through the difficulties. It's not easy but your mail will get him through it! So happy for his new season and such a wonderful opportunity. :-)