May 17, 2013

Clever Title Friday

Linking up with the lovelies Sarah and Stephanie for a little end of the week synopsis!
You know you can count on me for food pics, and talk of school, Drew, and my dog- so here we go!!

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up
the good parts

* I ran and worked out a few times this week and didn't die! Go me! :)

* Did well on the final exam in my 20th Century Music History seminar. Woohoo!

* Wrote about this fun interview with Brittany from Effie and Dru! (We'll be hearing more from her soon. hint hint!!!)

* Spent some wonderful quality time with my friends. The semester is over so we all finally feel relaxed- and have a new found addiction to Phase 10!!!

* Went to Cafe Cappuccino for the first time- THIS YEAR! What is wrong with me- seriously?

girl meal- since I know you're curious, thats a guac omelet!!

boy meal- Wow I'm hungry.....

* Saw Gatsby. AH-MAZING. HOLY COW GOODNESS. I thought it was perfect. Can't WAIT to pick up the book again! Leo looks goooooood. The film was just stunning. 
(thats my legit review)

   Also, finally saw Silver Linings Playbook and really really Really enjoyed it! Jennifer Lawrence is just a shining freakin diamond in the rough, man....I adore her!

* Best of all- my parents, brother, and Winston (EEEEEE!) will be here all day Friday!

the bad part

* Just one, but its a big one. Drew's date of departure for bootcamp looms in my all too near future... 10 days until we say goodbye for three whole months and begin our LDR for a year ...which I'm SURE will dominate my blog topics for awhile. Sorry, and you're welcome for the warning! I'm absolutely thrilled for our futures/future and for new chapters of life and for endless possibilities, but I'm SAD. Sad sad sad and its getting harder and harder to be happy and carefree during the time I get to spend with him!!

Ok ok ok, enough of the deep dark sappy junk.

Time to link up with Whitney for fun music share time!

I LOVE THE VOICE. hashtag teamadam teamblake

First of all let me say how proud I am of Holly Tucker- Baylor sophomore!!! She's kickin butt, y'all!

Still feeling mega loyal to Sarah.....isn't she amazing?!? 


  1. Wasn't Gatsby awesome?! I went to see it opening night.

    I'm sure it won't be fun, but I'm confident you'll get through boot camp. I know exactly what you mean about having a hard time being happy as a departure date like that looms. My man is in the Navy and is on deployment until some time next month. I do have to say, though, that his schedule and periodic absences have ultimately made me more dedicated to making the most of our time together and have drawn us closer. Best of luck!


  2. That food looks so delicious. I'm very jealous right now.