December 15, 2013

Mary Did You Know

Life has been seemingly busy and stressful the past few weeks.

The music has been hard, practicing sometimes seems ineffective, and we have this mammoth paper due in just a few days...

We don't have Christmas decorations, this English village doesn't seem very in to decorating, and we don't get out enough to witness any Christmas-y festivities....

All in all it does NOT seem as though Christmas is less than two weeks away.

Every year I try to get my heart into the spirit of Christmas, really contemplating the meaning. I've found it difficult this year since we are in such an isolated place and environment. EVERYthing is different than what I'm used to. Absolutely everything.

BUT, Drew sent me this video yesterday and BAM, Christmas. I hope you enjoy this as much as we have!!



Also, can someone buy me that floral cap please? (seriously...)


December 1, 2013

December means...

When I woke up this morning I realized that it is DECEMBER already, y'all!!! 

Can you believe that? It's pretty much time to wave goodbye to 2013 because I'm quite confident that this month will just fly by...


December means that I have officially been in England for two whole months. It also means I'm a little more than a third of the way through my flute course here with Trevor Wye.

December means I finally have to do something related to school work (oh, good morning to you, cow that just moo-ed quite loudly outside my window...). Writing a paper over the origins of the flute up until the 1700s will take a good bit of time...

December also means I have several things to look forward to in the very near future! Liiiiiike a tour of the HARRY POTTER STUDIO! I'm going to fangirl more than I ever have in my whole entire life and I just need to finish that paper before I can go. Good incentive, right?

December (this is more of a "December downer"... Sorry) means that I have been away from Drew for 61 days and away from my family 72 days. Double that and that's how far I have to go before I see them again. 

((If you've been a reader of mine for awhile, you might have noticed that I don't mention Drew quite as much as I did when he was gone for BCT. Pretty much because it's too stinkin sad, not going to lie- Yes, if you let it, long distance can be absolutely soul crushing, but we're doing great! I just don't feel like being the person who constantly talks about how much they miss their SO, because if I started doing that I'm pretty sure I'd just cry for the remaining four months and I absolutely refuse to be that person!))

Thanksgiving away from home was hard. Special, but hard. I can say now that I'm More thankful for my family, especially the fact that we Do get together every year. I'm very thankful for such loving and uplifting people :) 


But finally, December means being reunited with one of my soul people IN PARIS of all places!!! I'm so so so excited to spend Christmas with my lovely friend Darbi, to see Paris for a few days, and to be refreshed for the second half of this flute class!!

So- cheers to your December. I hope you make something meaningful and memorable out of the last little bit of 2013!!