September 29, 2013

Bye Bye USA!! (so many pictures...)

First of all, did you guys know that Goldfish PUFFS exist?!? Boyfriend's roommate introduced me to them the other day and let me just say "You're Welcome!" in advance :)

(he's so fancy ;) *giggle...) 

I LOVE Virginia!!

The weather has been beautiful, the day trips (tourism at its finest) have been an absolute dream, spending time with Drew and his (GREAT) friends has been so much fun, and now I feel totally musically unprepared to go to England....

So before I share a few of my favorite photos from the past few days:

THANK YOU- to my entire family for being SO supportive of this journey! There is no way I would be going to England to study (is this real life?!) for 6 months without you.

THANK YOU- to my teachers for pushing me and pouring your hearts and knowledge into teaching me! I absolutely would not be where I am without your guidance.

THANK YOU- friends for encouraging me and celebrating with me. You all help me see the best in every situation!


Ok, now more Virginia/DC visit pictures :)

(get OUT of my picture!!! ok, maybe I'm just too lazy to crop it...)

This is a super bittersweet moment for me....

Along with being unbelievably excited about living in a country that I've never even seen for 6 months, getting to travel a little bit, and most of all soaking in all that I can while studying with Trevor....I'm also pretty anxious.

Texas has been home for a LONG time....and I already did that whole no talkie thing with Drew for 3 months while he was at BCT. I know I'm going to be incredibly homesick from the separation, but I also know that I will be having an Amazing experience and that my time in England will fly by!

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this blog as easily as I think...not sure what the internet situation will be like in my new(old....) place! SOOOO I'll be praying for peace and safe travels!

Next time you hear from me I will be settling into my new temporarily English life :)

September 25, 2013

Copycat Cooking WIN

Like I said yesterday, we have had some pretty lofty recipe goals the past few days.

Its been SO fun! We (I) waste some good time on pinterest searching for delicious sounding recipes, walk a few blocks to the grocery store to buy the ingredients, and we cook pretty much every night!

So far we've made honey balsamic chicken, white wine sauce for pasta with chicken and veggies, copy cat Chuy's creamy jalepeño dip, and copycat Chili's southwestern eggrolls!

As you all know by now, I'm pretty much the most horrible food photographer in the world, but I'm so excited about the success of these recipes that I felt the need to share :)

**I did NOT come up with these recipes, therefore I will NOT be posting tutorials on how to make them, but I will be posting the source of the recipe! :)

If you don't live within reach of a Chuy's, then you probably haven't had this delicious dip. (and I'm very sorry!)

Creamy Jalepeño dip- YUM. Seriously, this recipe turned out so well! It would have made a massive amount (a good party size!) so we 4thed the recipe. If you know the Chuy's dip well, you'll know that it isn't exactly the same, but is still Very good! A must try :)

Now on to Baked Southwestern "Egg rolls"

Drew mincing jalepeños

sautéing onions 

ingredients: onion, black beans, chicken, corn, spinach, chili powder, and cumin (just missing the pepper jack in this photo! 


I would Not call myself an experienced chef, so for us these were definitely a two person project! 

They were DELICIOUS and pretty stinkin good leftover as well! They were pretty spicy, so for my taste I would half the spices and jalepeño next time :) and there will most definitely be a next time!

One of the great things about the dip recipe, is that you can always chose healthier options for ingredients such as fat free mayo and light sour cream. And the "egg rolls" are baked, not fried, so they really are fairly healthy!! I'm curious to try baking them with egg roll wraps instead of wheat tortillas at some point, but I'm really pleased with how these turned out.

These recipes are worth giving a try, so let me know what you think! :)

September 24, 2013

Travel Log- the Beginning!

I made it to DC! Ok ok, I always say DC, but technically its Arlington VA.

Apparently iPhone 4 front facing camera isn't too great in dim lighting...but its DREW AND BOBBY!

Drew went to work and I got left with $10 to “go explore,” which of course includes coffee and blogging! So I’m sitting here in this little coffee shop a few blocks from Drew’s place, with a name that I won’t even attempt to pronounce, drinking a honey vanilla latte (fancy!), listening to classical radio, and finally writing to you all :)

So, if you follow me on twitter, you might know that my travel day was quite the mess!

This was when I was calmly oblivious of my future travel crazies

First of all let me tell you, I’m an idiot.

Ok, so the story goes: My mom and I drove out to the airport an hour away from our house with plenty of time to spare…..and it turns out I told her the WRONG AIRPORT.
(now you see why I called myself and idiot)

So the airport I really needed to get to was a mere 20 minutes from our house…so we backtracked, hit a bunch of traffic, and I missed my flight for the first time in my life! And it was because I’M AN IDIOT. Luckily for me, US Airways didn’t charge me to hop on the next flight, which was less than two hours later.

I made it to the next flight and we continued to sit on the runway for over half an hour. At this point I realized there was No way I would make my connection flight….super bummer!

Don’t miss your flight, kids! Always do a stupid check on your airport, airline, and departure time before you leave the house…..good-ness.

Cool part of the story is that the girl sitting next to me was heading to see her man (and get married!!!) in the Navy! So we had a fun bonding experience, and it was pretty cool that God stuck us next to each other on a flight where we were both super flustered and anxious. … each of us had a connection that by the time we landed we only had 10 minutes before the next flight took off!

And let me tell you, Praise The Lord, we landed (mind you, we were at the BACK of the plane), had 10 minutes, RAN, and actually made it to our next respective flights. Holy cow. I was so out of breath and embarrassed and of course my bag didn’t make it to the connection flight but I definitely didn’t care since that meant I made it to Arlington! WHEW.

Enough of my embarrassing travel story. I’m here and its great and I’m super happy and we’ve been having a great time!
Went to the National Archives
Played with the iOS 7 camera update

We’ve been cooking a lot, which is super fun (I actually have a post coming up on our culinary adventures). Playing ping pong. Visiting “the sites”. And yesterday was extra special for me because I got to see Drew play at a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

I wonder if I will ever stop being obnoxiously proud of him….I doubt it ;)

I’m going to head out for now, but before I do, I have a question for anyone who cares to answer!!

I’m traveling (for the next 6 months) with only my iPad and iPhone. I’m having some difficulty blogging from my iPad even from the regular browser….do any of you blog regularly from a tablet or phone? Do you have any tips or app recommendations for me? I’ll be super grateful!! I’d love the security of knowing I won’t have to borrow laptops from my future roommates every time I want to write a post…which I’m hoping will be often.  :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

September 18, 2013

Adios, Texas!

Well you guys, I'm here to let you know that is IS possible to pack your life for 6+ months in a suitcase, a carry on, and a flute bag. AND I only had to leave a few sweaters out. AND the bags aren't overweight!!!


One of the things I'm super excited about is cold weather clothes!!!!

You guys. Houston has two seasons: hot, and kind of cold.

But I the best (and semi-stressful) time planning for layers and scarves and all those fun foreign objects.
These are a few things I'm looking forward to....fall is the best season.

jacket: Old Navy, similar here.
tshirt: Target, similar here.
sweater: Burlington.
floral leggings: Ross, similar here.
jeans: Burlington, also here!
shoes: thrifted

And heres my outtake that I posted on instagram....what the puppy does while I take my "outfit assembly" photo ;)

and then my twin brother decided to post the next photo saying that I was running away to England with his baby.....but really I texted him this photo saying "One of these things is not like the of these things does not belong!"

SO, with all that being said, I'm leaving Texas tomorrow morning! Most people won't think that its odd considering that I haven't lived at "home" really in the past 6 years....but I've never left Texas. Tomorrow I head to DC which is just one stop away from my 6 month long journey to England!!! I'm excited and anxious and nervous and ALLTHEFEELS at the same time....but more than anything I know that God has a pretty exciting path waiting for me and its just getting started!!!

I've been saying my "goodbye for nows" and "you'll be married when I get backs" and eating quite a bit of Mexican food. I haven't ever been away for 6 whole months and I've definitely never been overseas for more than 8 days, but like I said, I'm really excited :)

If I have consistent wifi (lets cross our fingers and say some prayers), this little blog will be getting a good deal more interesting in the near future!! Stick with me and hopefully you'll get a fun taste of my travels for the next 7 months.

Unintentionally matchy photos with my brother at one of our last meals!
We've got the hipster thing down.

EEP! I'm off to make sure I didn't forget to pack my socks (ahem, Darbi) and to snuggle my puppy for good measure. <3

September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday

Dear Patty,

You deserve a "Happy Birthday" today first. Happy Birthday sweet sweet momma of my second favorite man in the whole entire world (Daddy still comes first at this point, sorry Drew). I'm so thankful to you for creating this wonderful life that has blessed so many people. Thank you for instilling in him such strength and kindness and loyalty. He is blessed to have you!!

Dear Drew,

You're OLD ;) Today I wish you the happiest of birthdays thus far! You have accomplished SO MUCH this year. I hope today you can take time to reflect on how hard you have worked and how much God has blessed you in the past 12 months. 

(This is my abridged list)
You advanced in every stinking audition you took. 
You won an audition with Pershing's Own. 
You graduated with your masters degree.
You graduated from BCT.
You moved across the country with your best friend,
and you started the job of your dreams! 

What a year.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey, and I can't wait to see you in a few days to pretend like its your birthday all over again! (I'll make you some sort of cake with cream cheesy frosting- promise!) 

Here's to another several quarter centuries ;) LOVE YOU!!

September 12, 2013

Songs That Define Me

I didn't really have any ideas for a blog post today, but then I stumbled across Helene's link-up and it really spoke to me!

"Come link up and tell everyone: What songs define you?"

Helene in Between

As a career musician, I jumped out of my seat, did a little fist pump (perfectly shown above), and thought to myself "YUUUUUUUUS!" I can do this! This is totally me! Oh my gosh, how do I ever choose?!

I've devoted more than half of my life to studying music, classical music in particular, but I can tell you in full honesty than nothing touches my heart or life more than music that worships the Lord.

Matt Maher is one of my favorite artists of late. The words, the music....its simplicity and accuracy just speaks to my soul and always perfectly ushers me into a worshipful place in my heart!

Shall we go ahead and just make this a Jesus post? I think I might :)

Christy Nockles...seriously, get it girl! This song is a simple meditation of worship....and to me it defines my life in that no matter what I do (ahem, moving to England, studying the flute, practicing my butt off, etc...) God is forming my life for his purpose and glory. Thank you, Jesus!

Now, lets go ahead and add at least a little bit of culture.... :)

Beautiful, universal, life defining? Yep. I know you've heard "How Great is Our God" but if you haven't heard the world edition....and even if you have... I absolutely promise you that it will be a blessing to your day no matter what your beliefs are :)

I'm pretty sure the list could go on and on. Yes, I love pop music and I seriously enjoy music of all genres but I would have to say in order for any sort of music to actually define me, it needs to be about the glory of the source of music itself, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

September 10, 2013

ModCloth Pinning Party!

"It's made out of kittens, clouds & literally awesomeness." Rachel S, ModCloth

School’s back in session and football season is here! You know what that means – Homecoming’s next!
To celebrate this time-honored scholastic holiday, ModCloth is hosting a Party Dress Pinning Party on Pinterest

Enter by 9/12 to win one of two $250 ModCloth gift certificates

How do you enter??? Find out all the details on the ModCloth blog:

Most importantly, spend some quality time perusing the ModCloth homecoming dress section to find the dress of your dreams! 

Check them all out here: ModCloth Homecoming Dresses 

Other than Homecoming, Modcloth has dresses for literally EVERY occasion. Most of you are familiar with ModCloth, but if not, you are definitely missing out!

I spend a little time of the site myself, and wanted to show you a few of my current favorites!!

Enchanting Encore Dress

Fireworkin It Dress

Glimmer and Dancing Dress

Celebrate Your Soul Top, because it just might be the most beautiful blouse I have ever seen.

What dress would YOU buy with your $250 gift card?


*This is an affiliate sponsored post, although my opinions stated are entirely my own!

September 8, 2013

This Weekend, Drew the Decorator...

For a little over a week now, Drew and his BFF have been settling into their new apartment in Virginia, so I'm just going to take this little blog post to brag on his decorating stilllz!!!

(Lets pretend that Drew is the author of this "this weekend" even though I am most definitely writing it but its about him and not me. WHEW. Run on sentence alert!!!)

So, this weekend...

Drew (for the most part) finished unpacking/furniture assembling/setting up his new place and then sent me photos to rub it in my face that I'm not there to see it in person.

Ok thats not why he sent me photos, but still...

BUT, check out these mad skills! Boy has got an EYE for home deco

I'm honestly a little bit jealous.

Bed frame: ikea
Bed sheets: ikea
Floating shelves: similar

First of all, let us all admire the colors. Beautiful, right? Its "plum" and yet so so manly. Good job, babe ;)

Second of all, adorable old bugle, yes?? This art installation makes me particularly happy because I happen to know that poor little bugle was homeless in Drew's house in Waco.

Awesome floating shelves. Perfect book stacking. Pretty cross and perfect placement.

Lastly, Pixar lamp and rubix cube. Need I say any more?

Vintage 7UP trays: similar

Now lets move to the bathroom and admire the not-even-pinterest-inspired use of a vintage 7-up tray!

I wish I would have thought of that. Very cool!

Check the Army rolled towel.....wait a sec, thats MY Meyers candle!!!

Happy early birthday......just kidding. 

Now, if you're wondering what's in the frame, its a "3" written on a scrap of paper. Say whaaaa

Let me explain: When you audition for a music job (in this case, Pershing's Own), you literally draw numbers to decide what the order will be and to make sure the panel will not know who is playing at what time (I should mention that auditions....first round at least...are played behind a screen). This happens to be the piece of paper that Drew drew (heh....heh heh heh) for the audition when he won his job! He had left this slip of paper in his friend's car, and his friend framed it and gave it to him as a gift after he graduated from BCT! So awesome :) And that story turned out to be the longest part of this blog post. Oh well, its the little things!!!

So, basically my boyfriend is awesome and you should be jealous of his apartment ;)

Oh oh!!!! One last thing- I've told you to check Darbi out before, but now I'm even MORE serious because she just moved to PARIS (happy dance!!!!!) and will be writing about her life there as a flutist and an au pair! So exciting :)

Check her out at Table for One.

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a blessed week!

September 7, 2013

Currently, with Paige (and giveaway winner!!)

Currently....wanting to wear my new boots all day er' day!!

I HAD to buy them.

I mean...I've been in Texas more than half my life and still didn't have cowboy boots! It was sad, really.

(but now I'm considering returning them because I'm pretty much broke. Bleh.)
Franco Sarto ankle booties

Franco Sarto ankle booties 

Currently....mourning my decisions to NOT buy the perfect black motorcycle ankle boots at Marshall's the other day. I can't even find a photo of them online!

I'll never see them again. :(

Currently... re-reading the book of Matthew.

source: Juxtapost

I decided to start reading through the New Testament in order. 

Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever done that before! 

(Does my posting about my love for boots conflict with "do not prioritize temporary things"? Hmm.)

Currently...still recovering from my first encounter with this...

Blue Bell, you've done it again!

Currently...on the search for a fabulous sweater like this to take to England with me.

source: loveitsomuch
The thing is, I live in Texas. The only sweaters I've found out are thin and not cozy enough for my liking!! (Help?!)

Currently....trying to get back in shape. 

I ran THE MOST PATHETIC less than two miles of my life last night. It was terrible. Really really bad.

But, here's a sneak peak of my new hair (not that you can tell....) 


Lastly, CONGRATS to Katie Rice, the winner of our Bayou Accents giveaway! Thanks so everyone who participated!

September 3, 2013

Labor Day: Winston Visits OKC

As I promised (yesterday?) via is our Oklahoma trip summarized in terms of Winston photos:

Because I am a nerd.

Winston sits with Maddie
Winston adores his cousin Catrina (as do I)
Winston desperately wants kitty to play
Winston naps with Grandpa
Winston on his best behavior for Grandma

:) Tehe. What a cutie cute face.

But in all seriousness, visiting our family in Oklahoma is always a highlight of my year. We try our hardest to make it out there twice a year, but its getting harder and harder to get everyone in the same place!

Its sad realizing that I won't see them for at least a whole year and that we won't be together for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, but I love my family and I'm blessed to spend time with them as often as I can. 

This Labor Day weekend we enjoyed swimming, grilling, card games, Duck Dynasty, shopping, and chatting together! Can't wait to see them all (and everyone we missed!!!) again :)

Don't forget- there are less than 6 hours left to enter the Bayou Accents giveaway!

Oh! And Happy September!