September 8, 2013

This Weekend, Drew the Decorator...

For a little over a week now, Drew and his BFF have been settling into their new apartment in Virginia, so I'm just going to take this little blog post to brag on his decorating stilllz!!!

(Lets pretend that Drew is the author of this "this weekend" even though I am most definitely writing it but its about him and not me. WHEW. Run on sentence alert!!!)

So, this weekend...

Drew (for the most part) finished unpacking/furniture assembling/setting up his new place and then sent me photos to rub it in my face that I'm not there to see it in person.

Ok thats not why he sent me photos, but still...

BUT, check out these mad skills! Boy has got an EYE for home deco

I'm honestly a little bit jealous.

Bed frame: ikea
Bed sheets: ikea
Floating shelves: similar

First of all, let us all admire the colors. Beautiful, right? Its "plum" and yet so so manly. Good job, babe ;)

Second of all, adorable old bugle, yes?? This art installation makes me particularly happy because I happen to know that poor little bugle was homeless in Drew's house in Waco.

Awesome floating shelves. Perfect book stacking. Pretty cross and perfect placement.

Lastly, Pixar lamp and rubix cube. Need I say any more?

Vintage 7UP trays: similar

Now lets move to the bathroom and admire the not-even-pinterest-inspired use of a vintage 7-up tray!

I wish I would have thought of that. Very cool!

Check the Army rolled towel.....wait a sec, thats MY Meyers candle!!!

Happy early birthday......just kidding. 

Now, if you're wondering what's in the frame, its a "3" written on a scrap of paper. Say whaaaa

Let me explain: When you audition for a music job (in this case, Pershing's Own), you literally draw numbers to decide what the order will be and to make sure the panel will not know who is playing at what time (I should mention that auditions....first round at least...are played behind a screen). This happens to be the piece of paper that Drew drew (heh....heh heh heh) for the audition when he won his job! He had left this slip of paper in his friend's car, and his friend framed it and gave it to him as a gift after he graduated from BCT! So awesome :) And that story turned out to be the longest part of this blog post. Oh well, its the little things!!!

So, basically my boyfriend is awesome and you should be jealous of his apartment ;)

Oh oh!!!! One last thing- I've told you to check Darbi out before, but now I'm even MORE serious because she just moved to PARIS (happy dance!!!!!) and will be writing about her life there as a flutist and an au pair! So exciting :)

Check her out at Table for One.

Happy Monday and I hope you all have a blessed week!

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  1. My oldest son's wife has a sister who is an au pair in France. :)

    Lucky ducks!

    Thanks for linking to Super Sunday Sync!