September 18, 2013

Adios, Texas!

Well you guys, I'm here to let you know that is IS possible to pack your life for 6+ months in a suitcase, a carry on, and a flute bag. AND I only had to leave a few sweaters out. AND the bags aren't overweight!!!


One of the things I'm super excited about is cold weather clothes!!!!

You guys. Houston has two seasons: hot, and kind of cold.

But I the best (and semi-stressful) time planning for layers and scarves and all those fun foreign objects.
These are a few things I'm looking forward to....fall is the best season.

jacket: Old Navy, similar here.
tshirt: Target, similar here.
sweater: Burlington.
floral leggings: Ross, similar here.
jeans: Burlington, also here!
shoes: thrifted

And heres my outtake that I posted on instagram....what the puppy does while I take my "outfit assembly" photo ;)

and then my twin brother decided to post the next photo saying that I was running away to England with his baby.....but really I texted him this photo saying "One of these things is not like the of these things does not belong!"

SO, with all that being said, I'm leaving Texas tomorrow morning! Most people won't think that its odd considering that I haven't lived at "home" really in the past 6 years....but I've never left Texas. Tomorrow I head to DC which is just one stop away from my 6 month long journey to England!!! I'm excited and anxious and nervous and ALLTHEFEELS at the same time....but more than anything I know that God has a pretty exciting path waiting for me and its just getting started!!!

I've been saying my "goodbye for nows" and "you'll be married when I get backs" and eating quite a bit of Mexican food. I haven't ever been away for 6 whole months and I've definitely never been overseas for more than 8 days, but like I said, I'm really excited :)

If I have consistent wifi (lets cross our fingers and say some prayers), this little blog will be getting a good deal more interesting in the near future!! Stick with me and hopefully you'll get a fun taste of my travels for the next 7 months.

Unintentionally matchy photos with my brother at one of our last meals!
We've got the hipster thing down.

EEP! I'm off to make sure I didn't forget to pack my socks (ahem, Darbi) and to snuggle my puppy for good measure. <3


  1. Hurray! Safe travels! We will have to try to organise a blate now. xx

  2. Wow that's crazy!! Great job packing! Ps love those shoes:)

  3. I can't wait to see all your adventures!