September 29, 2013

Bye Bye USA!! (so many pictures...)

First of all, did you guys know that Goldfish PUFFS exist?!? Boyfriend's roommate introduced me to them the other day and let me just say "You're Welcome!" in advance :)

(he's so fancy ;) *giggle...) 

I LOVE Virginia!!

The weather has been beautiful, the day trips (tourism at its finest) have been an absolute dream, spending time with Drew and his (GREAT) friends has been so much fun, and now I feel totally musically unprepared to go to England....

So before I share a few of my favorite photos from the past few days:

THANK YOU- to my entire family for being SO supportive of this journey! There is no way I would be going to England to study (is this real life?!) for 6 months without you.

THANK YOU- to my teachers for pushing me and pouring your hearts and knowledge into teaching me! I absolutely would not be where I am without your guidance.

THANK YOU- friends for encouraging me and celebrating with me. You all help me see the best in every situation!


Ok, now more Virginia/DC visit pictures :)

(get OUT of my picture!!! ok, maybe I'm just too lazy to crop it...)

This is a super bittersweet moment for me....

Along with being unbelievably excited about living in a country that I've never even seen for 6 months, getting to travel a little bit, and most of all soaking in all that I can while studying with Trevor....I'm also pretty anxious.

Texas has been home for a LONG time....and I already did that whole no talkie thing with Drew for 3 months while he was at BCT. I know I'm going to be incredibly homesick from the separation, but I also know that I will be having an Amazing experience and that my time in England will fly by!

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with this blog as easily as I think...not sure what the internet situation will be like in my new(old....) place! SOOOO I'll be praying for peace and safe travels!

Next time you hear from me I will be settling into my new temporarily English life :)

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