September 24, 2013

Travel Log- the Beginning!

I made it to DC! Ok ok, I always say DC, but technically its Arlington VA.

Apparently iPhone 4 front facing camera isn't too great in dim lighting...but its DREW AND BOBBY!

Drew went to work and I got left with $10 to “go explore,” which of course includes coffee and blogging! So I’m sitting here in this little coffee shop a few blocks from Drew’s place, with a name that I won’t even attempt to pronounce, drinking a honey vanilla latte (fancy!), listening to classical radio, and finally writing to you all :)

So, if you follow me on twitter, you might know that my travel day was quite the mess!

This was when I was calmly oblivious of my future travel crazies

First of all let me tell you, I’m an idiot.

Ok, so the story goes: My mom and I drove out to the airport an hour away from our house with plenty of time to spare…..and it turns out I told her the WRONG AIRPORT.
(now you see why I called myself and idiot)

So the airport I really needed to get to was a mere 20 minutes from our house…so we backtracked, hit a bunch of traffic, and I missed my flight for the first time in my life! And it was because I’M AN IDIOT. Luckily for me, US Airways didn’t charge me to hop on the next flight, which was less than two hours later.

I made it to the next flight and we continued to sit on the runway for over half an hour. At this point I realized there was No way I would make my connection flight….super bummer!

Don’t miss your flight, kids! Always do a stupid check on your airport, airline, and departure time before you leave the house…..good-ness.

Cool part of the story is that the girl sitting next to me was heading to see her man (and get married!!!) in the Navy! So we had a fun bonding experience, and it was pretty cool that God stuck us next to each other on a flight where we were both super flustered and anxious. … each of us had a connection that by the time we landed we only had 10 minutes before the next flight took off!

And let me tell you, Praise The Lord, we landed (mind you, we were at the BACK of the plane), had 10 minutes, RAN, and actually made it to our next respective flights. Holy cow. I was so out of breath and embarrassed and of course my bag didn’t make it to the connection flight but I definitely didn’t care since that meant I made it to Arlington! WHEW.

Enough of my embarrassing travel story. I’m here and its great and I’m super happy and we’ve been having a great time!
Went to the National Archives
Played with the iOS 7 camera update

We’ve been cooking a lot, which is super fun (I actually have a post coming up on our culinary adventures). Playing ping pong. Visiting “the sites”. And yesterday was extra special for me because I got to see Drew play at a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

I wonder if I will ever stop being obnoxiously proud of him….I doubt it ;)

I’m going to head out for now, but before I do, I have a question for anyone who cares to answer!!

I’m traveling (for the next 6 months) with only my iPad and iPhone. I’m having some difficulty blogging from my iPad even from the regular browser….do any of you blog regularly from a tablet or phone? Do you have any tips or app recommendations for me? I’ll be super grateful!! I’d love the security of knowing I won’t have to borrow laptops from my future roommates every time I want to write a post…which I’m hoping will be often.  :)

Happy Tuesday, friends!!

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  1. There's an app called Blogsy for the iPad that is amazing! It works with WordPress and Blogger and is so much easier than using the browser.