September 7, 2013

Currently, with Paige (and giveaway winner!!)

Currently....wanting to wear my new boots all day er' day!!

I HAD to buy them.

I mean...I've been in Texas more than half my life and still didn't have cowboy boots! It was sad, really.

(but now I'm considering returning them because I'm pretty much broke. Bleh.)
Franco Sarto ankle booties

Franco Sarto ankle booties 

Currently....mourning my decisions to NOT buy the perfect black motorcycle ankle boots at Marshall's the other day. I can't even find a photo of them online!

I'll never see them again. :(

Currently... re-reading the book of Matthew.

source: Juxtapost

I decided to start reading through the New Testament in order. 

Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever done that before! 

(Does my posting about my love for boots conflict with "do not prioritize temporary things"? Hmm.)

Currently...still recovering from my first encounter with this...

Blue Bell, you've done it again!

Currently...on the search for a fabulous sweater like this to take to England with me.

source: loveitsomuch
The thing is, I live in Texas. The only sweaters I've found out are thin and not cozy enough for my liking!! (Help?!)

Currently....trying to get back in shape. 

I ran THE MOST PATHETIC less than two miles of my life last night. It was terrible. Really really bad.

But, here's a sneak peak of my new hair (not that you can tell....) 


Lastly, CONGRATS to Katie Rice, the winner of our Bayou Accents giveaway! Thanks so everyone who participated!

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