December 15, 2013

Mary Did You Know

Life has been seemingly busy and stressful the past few weeks.

The music has been hard, practicing sometimes seems ineffective, and we have this mammoth paper due in just a few days...

We don't have Christmas decorations, this English village doesn't seem very in to decorating, and we don't get out enough to witness any Christmas-y festivities....

All in all it does NOT seem as though Christmas is less than two weeks away.

Every year I try to get my heart into the spirit of Christmas, really contemplating the meaning. I've found it difficult this year since we are in such an isolated place and environment. EVERYthing is different than what I'm used to. Absolutely everything.

BUT, Drew sent me this video yesterday and BAM, Christmas. I hope you enjoy this as much as we have!!



Also, can someone buy me that floral cap please? (seriously...)


1 comment:

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