July 6, 2015

Oh Hi There, Blog! :)

Oh hi, guys!! I'm back! Again... lets see if it sticks this time, huh?

-Oh haaaaai, hubby approves of my re-entry into the blogging world-

Its funny because once upon a time I made a facebook page for this trusty space, and every once in a while I get a prodding email from the old facebook telling me that my readers want to hear from me (LOL!) and I should post something. So if there really is someone out there who has been missing me....errr, this blog... my sincerest apologies, and I will try to be more loyal this time around ;)

For some reason my dear old blog popped into my head and I decided that I missed my outlet for snark, weekend updates, and horrible mirror reflection outfit selfies.

Life and interests have changed so why don't I start out with a quick little "about me" update?

Hello! Again again. I'm a professional flutist and flute teacher, and an amateur of many interests. You probably won't catch me talking about the flute and classical music very much around these parts, although if the mood strikes, who knows! I'm sure the general population finds it fascinating. And I will talk about things like politics when I get paid a million for blogging.

-insert trendy aztec rug mixed with classical non-trendy life-long interest-

My hobbies on the other hand...well, they are plentiful and thrilling, let me tell you.

I enjoy:

1. Tiny pup (Winston, yorkiepoo, 6 years old and still looks like a baby)
2. Cooking
3. Makeup
4. iPhone photography (aka instagram)
5. Working out (TIU youtube channel is my fav)

Great, yeah? I know, I know.

I probably won't write any great tutorials. I definitely won't write one of those magnet title posts that makes a million people click/read/mix up some huge controversy. I might not even be relatively interesting to anyone other than myself....but if you do decide to stick around please say hello so I can say hello back in enthusiastic thanks :) Oh! and I like publishing without proof reading.

Maybe I'll grow out of that.

Happy Monday!