July 21, 2014

#fremdersforever: Portraits

Happy Monday everyone!!

I'm up at 5am because Drew is up at 5am.

Now, I am NOT a morning person. Actually, I will go right back to sleep after I write this. Buuuuut if I get up and help Drew with his breakfast and lunch while he gets ready for work, then he is a happy husband which makes me a happy wife! And I get to zombie write this Bridal post for you- yay!

Theres not much to say actually, I mean I'm just posting a ton of pictures of myself and thats kind of weird to start with soooooo- Daniel Colvin Photography, ladies and gents! Yay!

I mean, everyone wants a bridal portrait like this, yeah? ;)

oh heeeeey there fancy man!!

Now, maybe you noticed, but I threw some pictures of my handsome groom in there. I tell ya, whew! I'm a lucky girl.

So there you have it, lots of cheesin and happiness on our wedding day!!

#fremdersforever was the hashtag we chose for our wedding....and we're still using it today! Follow us on instagram for life updates :) We are @paigebrownflute and @drewsefer

If you love Daniel's work as much as we do, be sure to follow him on Facebook!

Next time I'll be sharing a little bit about our "bridal party" along with some others :)