July 18, 2014

#fremdersforever: Pre-wedding

Thanks to Daniel Colvin at Daniel Colvin Photography we have exactly 800 spectacular photos to help us remember our wedding day! Luckily for you, I won't be sharing all of them. Unless you actually want to look at 800 wedding photos....if thats the case, I'm sorry. And you're crazy ;)

I have so many faithful friends and followers who have stuck with us on this blog through every stage of our relationship- from dating, to finishing masters degrees, to Army BCT, to England/Virginia long distance, to engagement, and now marriage! I hope you enjoy this little series of mine that will take you on a journey through our wedding day :) Love to you all!

First things first- This was a completely DIY wedding. My vision was for a quaint and whimsy people centered environment- something simple and happy. 

I'm SO thankful for my previous flute students, Rosie and Callan, who curled my hair for me! What a blessing :) And Christina, my former roommate and dear dear friend helped to style my hair.

Now,I know not all brides out there agree with me, but I was all for the idea of borrowing and re-using whatever I could!! 

My hair piece was especially fun to me because it was made out of the hair clips attached to my mom's veil! I loved the flower child look and tried to find a halo or headband off of Etsy (breaking news: Etsy is NOT cheap anymore!!! Silly competitive prices...) but what I ended up realizing is that I had all the tools in front of me! So thanks mom for letting me cut up your wedding hair piece to make mine :) It was perfect and exactly what I wanted!

pretty happy mom :)

Finishing touches on my bouquet. And yes, we were crazy enough to do our own flowers!! I went to a florist and told her what I had in mind. We asked how many bunches she would order for X amount of vases and X amount of bouquets, placed a bulk order, picked them up the day before and arranged away!

Not going to lie, arranging flowers is much harder than I thought and took much longer that I expected, but I was very happy with the results. Plus we saved a lot of money that way!

Need I say that my mom made my garters as well? SUPER woman.

And one of the best pictures of the 800- the daddy first look :)

#fremdersforever was the hashtag we chose for our wedding....and we're still using it today! Follow us on instagram for life updates :) We are @paigebrownflute and @drewsefer

If you love Daniel's work as much as we do, be sure to follow him on Facebook!

Next time I'm sharing my favorite bridal shots from our wedding day- see you then!

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  1. Ah so beautiful! This was such a tease, I expected more pictures out of you haha :) Love the hair piece so much