February 26, 2013

Winston Weekly


I've just been the worst ever about my Winston Weekly's being consistent!! Super sorry :)

To make up for it, heres the over the top precious-ness of wittle baby Winston! I can't believe he will be 4 this year! And I miss him like crazy....being obsessed/crazy in love with your family dog when you don't live with your family pretty much stinks.

Now, on a completely different note- I miss motorcycles.

I saw a music school acquaintance just riding his motorcycle up to the building like a freakin cool kid, and BAM nostalgia!

My brother is a motorcycle riding cool kid, and he used to take me on rides quite a bit.

BEHOLD these HILARIOUS photos from a good half a decade ago (seriously, has it been that long?!) of me and my twin broha being uber nerds while pretending to be BA cool moto kids.

Isn't he a cutie?!

Like this one because our profiles are TOTALLY the same. Twins, what can I say?

And this pretty much defines our relationship.

Ok, so I miss motorcycles AND my brother. 

Side note, this girl is pretty much as pale as these old photos. Time to get some sun!!

Do you guys have any skin friendly suggestions for me to try in the dead of (Texas) winter?


  1. Love those pictures of you and Parker!!

  2. Awwww! That Winston pic is so cute I could just cry! And i love the twin biker pics! So hilarious! And as a matter of fact, I DO have a skin friendly suggestion! My friend works at a skin care clinic so she got me this gradual self tanner called SunFX Summer's Secret. It's more pricey than the Jergen's self tanner ($30 a bottle) but its so awesome! I'm officially hooked.