February 7, 2013

MK Valentine's Giveaway!

Thursday is super exciting day. Why?

Tomorrow is Friday, and tomorrow I fly off to the dream land of Illinois for my audition! What audition?

More about that on Monday.

(I am not doing well about staying away from the blogging world this week like I said I would...oops- you guys are too great!)

Today I just want to share this fantastic giveaway with you guys!

Hosted by Kaitlyn from Wifessionals and 17 other super awesome blogging ladies- can you believe they are giving away one of these beautiful Michael Kors watches? Happy Valentines Day to you, lucky girl!!!

So- give them a look and give yourself a chance at this crazy pretty wrist party!


  1. That rose gold watch is so cute!!

    Thanks for the blog comment about the earrings! I tried to reply but your email is set to no-reply. At $1.50, I wonder how many days before they'd turn my ears green. :) I work 2 blocks from F21, I may have to stop their on my lunch break today. I really want the gray sweater with the pink heart!!

    1. I'll set Paige to a reply-blog immediately! So sorry, that's probably my fault for not setting it up. ;) (Plus I have access, which makes me creepy. Right?!)

      Thanks Rach!

  2. Just joking, Paige, you have to do it yourself as you're logged in. Here's some directions:


  3. Oh my gosh, drooling over all this wrist candy. Soooo pretty!

  4. Thanks for sharing! Be sure you entered again today! :)