February 4, 2013

This Weekend, No. 6

Guess what guys....its Monday. UGH. This week is just going to be a load of productive misery for me and I will most likely be absent from the blogging world. Say a little prayer for me! Flying to Illinois on Friday for my Artist Diploma program audition on Saturday! EEP

I'm linking up with Syndal and Sarah for a quick weekend re-cap! Don't forget to let us know how your weekend went!

I started of this weekend with a spring in my step. 
Found these lovely jeans on clearance at Marshall's for just $15!! Felt very fortunate someone else didn't snag them up first...

This weekend I attempted another Pinterest recipe. If I had taken a photo of the final product it could have been on one of those awesome "pinterest fail" websites, BUT it was yummy anyways!

This is that recipe floating around for pancakes made out of one mashed up banana and one egg. 
I had to try this for myself, and surprisingly the result didn't taste like banana scrambled eggs! It was actually pretty delicious (I added blueberries), but the final presentation was just awful since I couldn't get the shape to hold! 
Has anyone else had better luck with banana pancakes? Do share!!

This weekend the weather was beautiful and I enjoyed some quality time sitting in the sun with my pup.

This weekend my parents got back from their cruise and I had to give Winston back :(
I did NOT cry, however I felt like it when I got home last night and realized there would be no puppy snuggles before bed. I miss him already!!!

Until next week...

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