February 18, 2013

This weekend, No. 7

Linking up with two of my faves- Syndal and Sarah- for This weekend, I....

Quite honestly, my weekend starting about when my last blog post went up, but I have been totally absent from the blogging world since them because of a little jaunt to San Antonio for "music major holiday" aka TMEA aka Texas Music Educators Association (convention).

Also, quite honestly, I am feeling absolutely uninspired and entirely un-creative today.

I need to get out of this funk! And I need to take more photos, Oops.

I also need to remember that I started a post called "Winston Weekly" and then only posted liiiiike twice. Mega oops. Sorry guys!

"but Mom, why can't I go too?!" (because I speak dog)

I did get to see two of my besties, Ainsley and Brittany. Its been way too long and I didn't get to see them long enough! But it was fun to give them hugs and have a super quick catch up- can't wait to see them again!

(me, Britt, and Ainsley)

Do you have those days when you feel over/underwhelmed all at the same time? Too much to do, don't wanna do anything? So much to accomplish, so little energy or enthusiasm?

If this is your first time visiting me, I promise I'm not always "blaaah blah blah so sad woe is me I'm not funny"- please come back and visit or just click through old Winston posts ;)


  1. Yay for friends, conferences, and puppies! <3 <3

  2. i feel the same way, i have things i can/should be doing but then i just don't feel like doing them so i read a book instead lol

    cute blog!!

    i am a twin sister,too :)

  3. I feel over/underwhelmed at work all the time! "Too many projects to work on, so how about I just blog instead?" Glad you got to see some good friends, and that Winston pic is sooo cute!

  4. I have a lot of days like that!
    That's great you got to see your friends!
    Stopping by from This Weekend I... ♥