February 12, 2013

Pinspiration: Wall Deco

Musicians, especially those of the student variety, spend an ungodly amount of time in soul sucking holes known as practice rooms. 

As woodwind (flute/clarinet/oboe/saxophone/bassoon) graduate assistants, a handful of us get to share an extra large soul sucking hole that we affectionately call our "office". 

*This is the room where I take the majority of my full length mirror/fashionista-wanna-be outfit shots.

What you have NOT seen of the the "office" is the Pinterest inspired DIY wall that Darbi and I spent a long an awesome Sunday night on!

Longing to feel more inspired and happy to spend hours upon hours our practice room soul sucking hole, we decided to do a little refurb. 

We used:
* coffee filters
* cupcake liners
* mini cupcake liners
* push pins

This project is as easy as it looks! For bigger flowers, layer your liners- biggest on the bottom!

I scrunched my liners just a bit so the flowers didn't come out as perfect circles.

We also wanted to incorperate an inspirational quote since we had a large empty wall.
*See my quote "pinspiration" HERE!

For the floating letters effect, we simply used black push pins on black cardstock!

I just love how it turned out!! Can't even imagine a yucky plain wall there anymore...

What pinspiration projects have you been working on lately?

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