February 21, 2014

if I were home...

With barely more than a month left in England, "if I were at home" runs through my head quite often....


  • If I were home, I would head to the nearest gas station/grocery store/px to buy some Cheetos ASAP. Crunchy, puffs, both, I don't care!!
  • If I were home, I would most difinitely eat Mexican food, also ASAP. Probably Chuy's, but honestly at this point anything would do!
  • If I were home I would cook for Drew a lot. (I'm sensing a theme here...) but I really do have a list going! Three of us share a mini fridge and a tiny kitchen, and we only get one grocery trip a week so planning and cooking has become a strength of mine!
  • If I were at home, I would go to Target, buy an icee, and wander around for at least an hour. And I'd probably buy stuff.
Actually, I'd buy these!!
  • If I were home, my phone connection would frustrate me sooooo much that I want to chunk the thing across the room. I mean, thank the dear Lord for giving people the brains to invent things like viber and facetime, but relying on just that for a super long distance connection gets old.

Now that I type that out, I feel like I should delete it because I'm SO thankful for how much I get to talk to Drew, my family, and my friends

  • If I were home, I would be all caught up on Grey's, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, and Pretty Little Liars. I only have an ipad here so I can't stream anything, and Netflix UK is a force to be reconned with....I COULD however watch every episode of Dr. Who ever if I so desired. But no, not Sherlock. Hmph.
  • If I were home I would never ever ever EVER make instant coffee again.
  • If I were home I would hug EVERYONE. For awkwardly long amounts of time. And cry.
  • If I were home, I wouldn't be holding on to some pretty exciting news!! How's that for a cliff hanger? Now you have to wait 30+ days too. Wahahahaha ;)


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  1. Oh those firsts flats are so cute, but I have a feeling they would look awkward on my foot. Can't wait for your news!