April 24, 2014

HOME (long winded but worth it)


This post is almost three whole weeks delayed, but as you'll soon understand, life has been a bit of a whirlwind!!!

I can't tell you how good it feels to be on a laptop looking at blogger and being able to access all of its functions without a hitch....and having my photos right there just a click away! My iPad was NOT very kind to me when it came to blogging the past six months. But I also feel like the contents of the last six months weren't very blog friendly for me, but thats ok! I'm home and I'm back and I'm looking forward to probably starting my readership from scratch again. Oops...sorry guys and thanks so much for sticking with me if you're reading this!!!

I finished my flute course with Trevor Wye in England and flew home (USA home, not TX home) on March 31st. I didn't blog through most of my time in England because I was focusing on the flute, which is why I was there. Also being in the same tiny place all day er day for six months is not extremely stimulating for the creative brain juices. Anywhooooo I still have a trips to London, Canterbury, and Paris that I would like to share some very unprofessional photos of. They'll just be, you know, 4-6 months late! Oh. Well.

This is Trevor, super famous flute teacher, dropping us off at the airport! Byyyyye Trevor!!

So now we're getting to the fun stuff. Hiiiii. I'm back!!! Mexican food and pizza please!

***Necessary background story***

I was completely convinced that Drew would NOT be picking me up from the airport. He plays in the Annapolis Symphony and had rehearsals all that week (I got in on a Monday) and since he isn't a tenured member he wasn't allowed to take a rehearsal off without giving up playing on the whole concert.  SO, we were sad. I mean, six months, and then an extra 5 grueling hours before we could see each other?? Mega bummer. BUT our super amazing friends Manny and Sarah (who live in Annapolis) agreed to pick me up, which was totally awesome, and take me to Annapolis to see Drew ASAP.....

fast forward

Airport. US soil after six months in England. Anticipation is CRAZY. It took AGES to get to baggage claim.

I told my roommate Katie (who lives in the Washington DC area) that I was looking for a tall dude probs wearing a button up shirt and awesome Warby's and a tiny adorbs curly haired girl jumping up and down.

When I found Manny and Sarah, they were exactly as described....jumping up and down and all, so I dropped my suitcases in excitement and started giving hugs and all that stuff

*sidenote, my heart is beating out my chest in anticipation like I'm reliving this crazy moment all over again*

and then mid catch-up chat (Sarah was telling me this awesome joke about "how was your clarinet class?" or something like that) I get tapped on the shoulder, only to turn around and see DREW just in time to pretty much have a heart attack. Photo evidence coming up...not my most flattering moment, but totally worth it.

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

And then this happened.

I promise you SO MUCH sobbing was going on in ^that picture. And all the following pictures. 

Drew had ditched the concert cycle so he could be at the airport to pick me up. Manny and Sarah drove all the way from Annapolis to pull off the surprise, which went without a hitch. Patrick Morgan drove my nervous wreck of a fiance to the airport and took these incredible photos for us. EJ and Amanda (and their precious son, Will) were there, incognito and adorable, to greet me and to capture the whole thing on film. I mean, I'm STILL complete blown away. Almost speechless. 

OH! If you were wondering, I said yes! Actually if you ask Drew, I blubbered and nodded my head a lot and hugged him five times before I actually even looked at the ring....

But hooooly moly. Just blown away. They whisked me off to a texmex restaurant where we were all met by Patrick's wife Emily and MORE friends, Joe and Yarina. I couldn't have asked for a better welcome home party. So again, thank you so much to everyone involved, and enjoy a few more of Patrick's photos and the video that EJ took!!!

I spent a wonderful, and necessary, two weeks in Virginia with Drew. Now I'm in Texas with my family (another wonderful reunion!!!) and my sweet puppy dog and we are whirlwind wedding planning up a storm!

To be continued......


  1. Ah, the video is so cute!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  2. OMG this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I made my boyfriend watch the video with me and I got super excited for you! I'm glad you're back in the blogging world for good. :) I've missed you!