January 7, 2013

This Weekend, No. 2

This weekend, I packed up and made the trek back to good ol' Waco. What a thrill to find out that all of my cold weather clothes fit into my shared room! Its the little things, y'all.

First thing in Waco, literally as soon as I drove up, I met up with Drew (eeeee!) and we drove to eat dinner with our newly wed friends- the Lott's! It was such a treat to not have to eat fast food the first night back in town. Rachel and Andy cooked up a delicios paleo dinner. I could seriously eat this stuff every day!
Of course margaritas don't exactly fall into the paleo category, but Rachel has started a really great blog on the paleo lifestyle if you are interested.

This weekend, I realized yet again how much I hate being away from Drew for any time at all! He flew off to San Francisco to audition for a trumpet opening in the San Francisco Symphony- such an honor! You might remember back in December when he won a job with the Army, and now he gets to add advancing in SF audition to his ever growing resume. Go baby go! So proud of you :)

Here is a lovely shot that Drew shared with me from his day of sight-seeing:

This weekend, I had a lot of alone time and practiced the flute much more that I had been for the rest of the break. Being alone and being a little bit chilly gave me the opportunity to re-wear and re-style my (fake) furry vest (without shame)! I love this vest. Let me repeat: I love this vest. Quite honestly I can't even tell you where it was originally from, because MARSHALL'S IS AMAZING. Am I right??

I present to you: messy grad room and furry vest photo day #1

Shirt: Boyfriend hand-me-down
Jeans: a.n.a. (jcp, similar here)
Boots: Sam & Libby Fiddler booties

And messy grad room furry vest day #2

Sweater: H&M, 2010
Skinnies: Levi's
Boots: Sam & Libby
Flute: Muramatsu ;)

This weekend, I finally watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey. Oh my goodness I do believe that the raving reviews were correct! Must. Watch. More.

What did you do this weekend?

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