January 3, 2013

This and That Thursday No.2

Happy 2013, y'all!

Linking up with my beautiful friend Sarah for my 2nd "This and That Thursday"!

This morning while updating my phone, all of my pictures (337) got deleted- Bummer!! I'm sure there is a way to get them back, but I don't have a Mac and I'm totally not new version of iTunes (or Picasa) savvy. Double bummer.

Luckily I snagged this New Years Day photo from the boy one. 

That little red ball cube (cube made of....yeah not sure how to describe that one) is the best toy ever invented! We made this cube of 4mm magnets in about....45 minutes. To our defense, we had no idea that we had the exact number of magnets to made a 6*6*6 cube, but we had a blast anyways! My super genius chemist dad brought it home and explained that the name bucky balls comes from the term "buckminsterfullerene" which is basically a soccer ball shaped carbon molecule. Neat, right? 

This is my baby Winston on the eve of my departure to Waco. I'm so ready to get into a routine and to get the semester off to a great start, but I've enjoyed every minute with this little man!!

Sweater- Merona, Target (old, similar here)
Jeans- LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's (old, similar here)

Off to Waco tomorrow for my last full semester as a master's student- what does 2013 offer you?

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  1. My father-in-law is obsessed wih Bucky Balls. (I'm pretty sure that's what he's holding, right?) :)

    Hope Waco and your semester are awesome! Love your red pants.

    Thanks for doing my link up!

    1. Thank you!!

      I desperately tried to use your T&T button, but it refused to work for me- maybe Sarah can help me get it right next time since I'm new to this :)

    2. Adorable! Yeah, it's Jena's link-up, and she's wonderful! I'll show you how to do the button next time we're together! :)

  2. I saw that you were commenting on all the Sunday Social posts, so I wanted to visit you! I have some Bucky Balls too!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social!!

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