January 27, 2013

This Weekend, No. 5

To start off my weekend right, rooms and I drove up to Woody's in Centerville (holla!) to meet my mom to pick up Winston!! I was thrilled to accept the pup-sitting position while my parents cruise it up with Carnival. (it eases the jealousy...)

So basically, thats my weekend ;) Puppy snuggles, puppy walks, puppy games, puppy infused friend times. Woohoooo!

Just kidding. (Kind of...)

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This weekend, rooms invented a delicious drink at Sonic. Seriously y'all, I don't even like tea- don't judge me- and I've had two this weekend. Half lemonade + half tea....Well thats a perfectly normal drink, you say, its even been named!...but get this:  + raspberry. Oh yeah. Ok, maybe everyone else in the world knows about this already but I'm pretty darn excited.

This weekend, Drew left for another audition. I say that like I'm annoyed, but really its a pretty cool deal. He's basically an awesome trumpet player, already won one job, and has advanced in handful of other auditions....but this audition is home for him. So until Tuesday, Drew is in Milwaukee, kickin butt (again). Get it, babe! :)

This weekend, I wore these:

Shoes: Bandolino (at Ross!!)

Bought these cuties over the break and forgot to blog about them- how dare I...and yes, I have itty bitty feets.

I hope you all had a restful weekend!
*Sidenote- I think its funny that the aim of weekends used to be fun and now its relax. I'm rambling...

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  1. Omg. Love the shoes. :) :) I love Ross

    And aww puppy. I love puppy. :)

  2. Haha oh how the weekends sure do change as we get older! I loooove those sassy shoes girl!! :)

  3. I love doggie pictures :) and cute shoes!

  4. Oh those shoes are fabulous! I just found your cute blog! I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!