June 4, 2013

Made it!

Made it back to Waco....

Somehow I managed to unpack and sort through the entire contents of my life in Waco while I was at home last week.....which of course ended in LOTS of trash and LOTS of donations. 

It felt good to clear through paperwork, books, clothes, and household supplies to simplify and just cut the junk to be able to start fresh this summer. You know what I mean?

Made it back to class...

So now I'm back in Waco and have started my final class of my masters degree today!

The final class of my master degree. Holy cow.

There are some crazy weeks ahead of me in June! Next week Baylor is hosting a MEGA flute seminar for the week. Its going to be amazing. I probably won't blog at all. I'm going to be soaking up every bit of information that I can possibly fit into my brain from my teacher, Dr. Arnone, along with some of the other masterminds of our craft. Excited!

THEN, the next two weeks I get to teach at High/Middle school band and orchestra camps. Teaching little fluties :) Also exciting!

Made it a week and a day...

Its been an entire week and a day since I dropped Drew off for BCT. I promise that I won't be a whiny baby until he graduates in August (and then October-March...uh oh!) but I just wanted you all, my friends and supporters, to know that I've made it thus far without having a break down....and actually with out crying at all (who AM I?!) tehe 

Success, right?

I think the hard part is the feeling of disconnect. People ask me how hes doing, and right now I don't know. I imagine that he is probably in pain from being sore, and tired, and probably hungry too...and thats hard for me to imagine. BUT I know he is doing a great job and I know that the Lord is with him. 

Also, we finally got his address today!! Makes me feel SO much better to know that he can hear from his family and friends now. (And its a huge sigh of relief that I can send all these letters that I've been writing....all at once. Tehe again.)

But seriously, you guys have been a great support system already so thank you!!! Don't forget to check out my facebook page!

Blessings on your week :) 

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