June 22, 2013

Out of stock and Against the rules

Hi friends :)

I decided on a Shabby Apple purchase.....

source: Shabby Apple

But as soon as I committed, and clicked the little red "Add to cart"- "OUT OF STOCK""SUCKER!!!""TRY AGAIN". 
Ok, maybe it wasn't quite that harsh, but thats how I felt about it ;) 
So for now, I do believe that I will be postponing my Shabby Apple decision....unless this little pretty happens to be back in stock in the near future *hint hint.

Now, for some reason it appears to be semi-"against the rules" to post on Saturdays. I've seen several tweets lately saying something along the lines of "I broke the rule and posted on Saturday...." I'm not sure what that means. Do people not read blogs on Saturday? Also, don't they know that the rule is "NO POST ON SUNDAYS!!!" (hah hah HP fans...see what I did there?) Anyways, I don't have much time in this little bloggy world as of late so TOUGH. Saturday post it is. :) 

We finished a fun and exhausting week of HSBO (high school band and orchestra) camp at Baylor. There were 30 little fluties, and my job was to assist my teacher, Dr. Arnone, with the flute classes/flute choir and to coach a flute quartet for the chamber recital that the students put on for their parents at the end of the week! Exhausting, like I said, but we really do have so much fun teaching, challenging, and inspiring young musicians. 

Tomorrow we start the process all over again, but with middle schoolers!! This week is exciting for me because I get to be the head "flute teacher" (the school of music faculty kind of have a "run awaaaay" policy when it comes to middle school camp). So this weekend I'm trying to catch up on sleep, get caught up on my summer school class, and make lesson plans for a week of flute classes! 

Oh yes! Meet Kula :) She is the pretty baby of the family that I am house sitting for. 
Y'all, I am SO blessed to be staying here this summer! This is my first time living alone, but I couldn't ask to be at a more peaceful and accommodating location. I will be a nice summer, thats for sure!

And finally- DREW UPDATE!

I miss him alot, but we're both doing very well!! I hear from him (via snail mail) about once a week...but I'm really hoping that he get his phone privileges soon....as soon as tomorrow actually, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. I can say already that corresponding by letter only has been Very good for us. He's about to test out of what they call "red phase" and he's excited to not have to sit in a classroom much anymore. He sounds healthy and stable...I can't exactly say "happy" because I'm not really sure if any of them are happy. But he's doing very well there, and thats all I can ask for! It is looking to be a financial struggle, but I'm planning on going to his graduation/family day in August if at all possible. Prayers for that working out for me (and his sweet momma!!!) would be greatly appreciated!

Thats all from me for today- my apologies again for the lack of posts recently. Thanks to all of you for your support and patience!!!


  1. I laughed so hard at the "No Post on Sundays!" bit that my orange juice almost came out of my nose.

  2. I think posting on Saturday's is totally fine!!! I didn't know it was a "rule", but I love breaking rules anyways, lol. Too bad about your necklace! I hope they re-stock soon. I hope you get to see Drew in August!