June 5, 2013

Summer Goals- do you have them?

Hi friends!!

Remember when summer was for trips to Disney World, playing with the neighbor kids all day, and swimming 25 times a week?


Then we unfortunately grew up quite a bit.

This summer I'm in Waco, pretty much by myself, and I've got to keep busy and save money!!! So I made a goal list for this summer and I'm going to announce it to the whole wide world that reads my blog to keep me accountable.

1) No shopping.

WAAAAH. The no shopping rule includes clothes, accessories, blah blah blah blah, and pretty much anything except the essentials. Like food. And stamps/envelopes.

2) Speaking of food: Healthy food!!!

I plan on eating like a freakin rabbit this summer. (except for the occasional Chuy's date with Sarah, of course)

example of my healthy health lunch....and dinner since I had the same thing

3) Write the boy daily.

I know that may seem like a silly goal, and of course I won't be actually mailing off letters every day, but I feel like its important to let him know that I'm thinking about him and that I support him!!

4) Run. Run run run.

I do not like running....to start with. And I pretty much always feel like I'm just starting because I never keep it up!! Also, to support Drew who I know is busting his behind all day every day at bootcamp, I want to run at least a mile for every day that he's gone- before he gets back! So thats 70 miles total, and I already have quite a bit of catching up to do ;) Wish me luck!

5) Practice the flute at least 3 hours a day.

No brainer.

Practiced 3 hours today- good start!

6) Keep up my studies.

I'm pretty good at getting sucked into a new series on Netflix or reading Harry Potter for the 25th time (25 is my number of the day, apparently!). But I thrifted this pretty awesome old book with a bunch of opera/symphony composers and opera summaries so I've decided to read up on a new composer or opera each day! It'll be fun/good for me.

What about you? Do you have summer goals? Or are you just missing the good ol days...

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  1. I'm on a shopping ban this summer too which is SOOOO hard with garage sales! But we need to save everything we can for our trip this fall.

  2. whoop whoop! Get it girl, all great goals!

  3. My goals: finish my thesis prospectus by August, read a ton of books (can I beat last year's summer tally of 50 books?), make my new apartment look awesome without spending very much money. Oh, I should probably run, too.