June 25, 2013

List and Stuff

Warning: "selfies" included. Sorry guys.

I have nothing planned but I have LOTS of thoughts and a few photos to share, so here we go!

1) Dr. Arnone (my flute professor) got a random free copy of Marie Claire in the mail this month and passed it on to Darbi who in turn passed it on to me. WOO! I never buy magazines. Ever. Because I'm broke, yaaaaaay. So I spend a little of my free time (HAHA....whats that?!) browsing because I like photos of pretty clothes and hair and stuff.


"Frizzy" curls are in.

Thats right ladies, you heard me! Its summer, and Marie Claire *July 2013 says that its ok for you to rock those curls in the Texas 100 degree humidity. Alllllll riiiiiight. (Disclaimer: the hair gets bigger as the day goes on, am I right?!)

2) Camp. 

These are the stipulations: Gotta look older than the little munchins (the struggle is real, y'all), its 100 degrees in TX, want to look semi-professional, and hours are 7am-6pm. 

Enter "camp chic"- yep, I made a name for how I try to dress at camp. DORKY.

Too small to read, but the nametag reads "Ms. Brown." Yep.
3) Sangria.

I learned how to make it!

Or rather, I sort of made up an easy recipe based on something I had heard. 
My dear dear friend Ainsley (who might be making a debut in the blogging world sometime in the near future...) came to visit and Sangria was made with our friend Mark.

Easy and delicious! I don't even feel like I should share the recipe because its embarrassingly simple....

Pretty AND delicious!

I definitely had more bullet points planned, but Kula is being a little chatter box and clearly needs attention "RIGHT MEOW, temp mom!"

Adios friends! Until next time....whenever that ends up being!  :)


  1. OMG your hair is gorgeous!! And not even a little frizzy. :) I'm jelly!

  2. My best friend is a camp counselor and youth minister and she ALWAYS gets mistaken for one of the teens even though she's 24. And I so wouldn't call your curls frizzy, they're pretty!

  3. Frizzy curls are in? Deal! An excuse not to do my hair every day! :)