March 1, 2013

Oh de happies and de crappies

Not sure where that weird accent came from....maybe its because I went out with mah frans tonight. (because I'm definitely writing this post on Thursday night, not Friday. Is that cheating?!)
And it was fun.

Or maybe its because Drew and I talk to each other in weirdo nerd voices all the time...

The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Time for that beautiful glittery button link-up with Stephanie and Sarah BECAAAAAUSE........

Get out of my head, Rebecca. 


Drew was in Dallas A LOT. AGAIN. 

I had to do homework?! Ew.

I overslept twice. 

Had this terrifying realization that including spring break and the Wind Ensemble tour, I only have two weeks to prepare for my graduate recital. NOT READY!! Not even close.

Had to write my first "I'm disappointed in you" email to a few of my students. Bummer.


Drew finally got sworn into the Army!! YAY!!! Super congrats to my man, and prayers for us as we will be starting a LDR (long distance relationship) at the end of May!

Successfully trimmed (a whole inch!) off of my bangs by myself! I was sure I'd end up having to shave my head like a much less dignified Natalie Portman. 

Also successfully (ok, credit goes to my roommates Abby and Christina) dyed my hair a few shades darker, so basically I'm a new womanSee photo here

Baylor Jazz Band concert on Tuesday- played my all time favorite, Pretty Road by Mariah Schneider.
You should take the time to listen to this, I promise your life will be changed!! And you can leave me nasty comments if you hate it.....but you won't.

Chatted with my Texas Music Festival soulmate, Emily. She's the bomb. Super talented flutist, super funny, super down to earth. I kind of love her....and gosh darn it, I miss her! Hoping to see her before I head to England in the fall!

Cheesin' with Emily, sportin' the "concert black" 2011

Went to Chuy's (OK, so I go to Chuy's every week- so shoot me) with some music grad friends of mine. 
Saw Sarah there, totally unplanned- LOL, we like our margaritas, ok??

Strawberry, Mango swirl,  and Prickly Pear margs (not all mine-promise!)

 Beautiful flute ladies- Catherine and Alison

Freakin adorable Darbs and our brave man, John

And finally, I FINALLY convinced Darbi to start a blog. Not only is she freakin adorable, but shes freakin hilarious and you will absolutely not regret heading on over to her blog- Table for One.
(Seriously guys, I've pretty much peed from reading every one of her posts.)

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Now I command you, go forth and have a rockin' weekend.


  1. Hi Paige! I've nominated you for a Liebster award! Please visit the page below to get more information :)

  2. Wow you cut your own bangs?? Impressive! I did that once. It wasn't awful but definitely needed a little pro-fixing! Those margaritas are so pretty! Checking out your friends blog now!

  3. Beautiful music.... thanks for sharing :)

    (visiting from the Happie & crappies blog hop)