March 26, 2013

Curly Fries

Well, sad day in Waco, TX.

It looks as though Jack in the Box will now be receiving my business for my once every month or so "I really want curly fries right now..." craving. (You're welcome)

I mean- I like healthy food as much as the next person. Look at me! For lunch I had fruit and an avocado/ham sandwich in a flax seed/whole grain "sandwich pocket"! (Don't you dare tell me that isn't healthy- LALALALA I'm not listening!!)

But enough about healthy beloved Arby's right off of University Parks and 1-35 is gone.

RIP, Arby's.

I don't know why they tore you down, but I will miss you and your fake looking probably fake roast beef.

Does any one else in the world even like Arby's? I'm convinced that I have this special connection with it since my moms told me she craved Arby's all the time when she was pregnant.

Arby's curly fries are better than Jack in the Box.
"Isn't there another Arby's in Waco?" you ask...Well, yes.
But am I driving that far to get curly fries when Jack in the Box is right there? PSH! no.

So I'm sitting here chowing on my curly fries that soaked through their brown paper bag with oil.
Hooray for you and your healthy self!
I'll join you tomorrow.


  1. Oh I love Arby's! I was soo upset last year when ALL the local Arby's just closed one day. Literally there was no notice. The employees showed up for work and couldn't get in and noticed there was a no trespassing sign on the door saying the store was closed. All 6 restaurants in the area! Fortunately a couple of them have reopened but they're not too terribly close to me so I have to drive like 15 minutes to the closest one if I have a craving!

  2. Arby's is one of my favorites, which is funny because I worked there for six months during college. But I will tell you that the roast beef is indeed real. I've watched them roast it! :P It takes FOREVER!!!! Which is why... sometimes.... Arby's runs out of roast beef!!!! Hahahaha, funniest day to work ever. When you have a sign up that says "We're out of roast beef for the day, sorry for the inconvenience" (it was only a couple of hours before closing, so it's ok, right?) and people wouldn't believe that we were really out of roast beef. How could Arby's be out of roast beef? Well.. you see... we only cook a certain amount and when we run out this close to closing, it's a waste of a whole roast to cook one more for 10 more sandwiches. The end.

  3. Okay, you are way too freakin' CUTE!!
    And I didn't even know jack in the box had curly fries. But I'm sure they don't have it down quite like Arby's does :)

  4. Haha! My husband LOVES Beef-n-Cheddars. Disgusting. I actually like the Turkey Ranch sandwiches.

  5. Whenever my mama ate at an Arby's when there was a five for $5 deal going on, she went into labor shortly after. Apparently eating special deals at Arby's when you're close to term is a little bit too exciting.

    I loved this post, though. Anyone who says that you can't eat some good fries and still be healthy is obviously insane. Fries and frosties are just required foodstuffs sometimes. I'm sorry that you had to be without real and valid curly fries. I hope that you manage through this difficult time.