March 8, 2013

Spring Fashion

High. Five. For. Friday. Seriously.

Its almost Spring Break! I still have a nice fat check-list to get through before I can pack up the boyfriend (later today) and head home for a bit, but I just need a break before the break

Therefore: this post about how I would much rather be shopping.

I think we can all agree on this: We like seasons because clothes. Incomplete grammatically-incorrect sentence, and you still agree with me am I right?!

"Oh my goodness I love fall! Fall is my favorite. Bustin' out the sweaters, the scarves, the boots..."

But guess what. Spring is here and now its pretty much the best thing. I'm fickle. (Sorry, seasons.)

*Sidenote: my stomach just made the most hysterical "I am a dying cat" noise and I honestly wish someone else could have heard it to laugh with me.

Liking the button-up trend we have going on. DISLIKE-ing the fact that my boobs are too big to fit into button-up shirts without looking like a hoochie-mama or having to buy the dang thing several sizes too big and looking like a bag

BUMMER! Just thought I'd let you all know though, if I were to buy a cute trendy button-up, it would probably be this pretty eyelet (and fairly priced!) thing from Old Navy

*Stomach has moved on to dinosaur noises. 

But, my all-time favorite trend has to be pants. You guys, I love pants. Always have, pretty sure I always will.
I've bought a few cute skirts and dresses in the past thinking "Aw, on a nice sunny day I'll wear this dress and feel so feminine and pretty!" but those sunny days come, and I just want to wear pants.

Out of pride, I have to let you guys know that when colored pants first became a thing (and it was still pretty weird and no one wanted to wear them) in what.... 2008ish? I bought them. Flower pants? 2010, from the every faithful Forever 21. 

I STILL LOVE THEM and it makes me even more happy that they are EVERYWHERE and in every shape/color/patter/style. WOOHOO PANTS!

I kind of have a lot of pants. Its almost embarrassing except that its not because I love them and I still want more! I think I have a problem, and I've been eyeing these.

Since apparently I'm obsessed with yellow all of a sudden (and advertising for Old Navy, unprompted)...
Check these bad boys out!
I can see myself wearing these with ALL the colors, spots, flowers, etc. Can't you?!

Last but not least- the sandalsT-strap is totally in style, not to mention adorable, but I just can't wear them! This girl has Wide feet and it looks like they're spilling off the sides! Ew. No one wants to see that. 
Anyone out there have this problem too??

This is why I tend to stick with the above (still super cute) cross front sandals- something that holds my feet in AKA keeps them from spilling off the sides of my sandals.

WELP- I'm out of time for my break before the break, but let me know what you think about these spring styles!

What spring trends do you have your eye on?


  1. Paige, so excited for Spring Break too!
    Love the trend of button up shirts and I love pants! Wish I could of heard the dying cat sound coming from your stomach. No biggy, I'm laughing at just thinking about a dying cat noise coming from anyones stomach! Have a great weekend!


  2. Love the rolled cuff pants! Not sure I could pull of the color because my pasty skin would be washed out but I could definitely go for those shoes! And those sandals are perfect for when you don't want to wear real shoes but want something more classy than flip flops! I just hate flip flops... Oh and as for the too big boobs problem, you can just give me some since I'm seriously lacking and then we both win! Haha, jk.
    Visiting from Casual Friday :)