March 3, 2013

This weekend...

Special "Hello" to my new GFC followers and everyone stopping by from the blog hop!
Super excited that you are here!

Its Sunday night, I'm stressed and have a ton to do, but I love this time reflecting on the weekend.

....what did I do this weekend again.... (anyone else feeling this way??)

This weekend, I spent my Friday evening practicing my flute. Lame? Maybe.
But remember, I'm moving to England in the fall and my grad recital is coming up soon!
Gotta get my buns in flute gear.

I may be the only one, but I find the inside cover of my new Trevor Wye book hysterical
Sidenote* Trevor is who I will be studying with in England. AND he's funny! Excited.

This weekend, I went to see the Waco Symphony play Stravinsky's Firebird and Ravel's Bolero on Saturday night. Always a fun event since our talented Baylor professors play, and a special treat since my handsome boyfriend was playing as well! Yay Drew!

This weekend, Drew accompanied me to the grocery store...which may not sound exciting, but I really enjoy grocery shopping together! Makes it much more enjoyable :) 

Isn't he a cutie?! I think I'll keep him.

Great app "Picture Show" to credit for this editing! Only $1.99 and SO many great filters. Loving this one with the date in the bottom right corner.

I am not looking forward to the crazy that this week will bring, but I am looking forward to a trip home to see my family and Winston in the very near future! There will be many puppy snuggles and many puppy photos. So you should probably be excited too. For the puppy pictures...not the snuggles. Sorry.

Hope you all had enjoyed this beautiful first weekend in March! 
Let me know about your fun Spring Break plans!


  1. Great pictures! It's fun to be silly.

    Our spring break will be split between a visit to Washington DC and just chillin' out at home. My little guy is 6 so hopefully some fun at the play ground, too.

    New GFC follower! :)

  2. Aw, you guys are super cute together!

  3. Cute blog! I'm so glad to have found you. You have a new fan (and follower).

  4. Love the pictures, I'll have to check out that new photo app!! And I'm excited for Winston pics!

  5. I found you via GFC! Cute blog! I'm your newest follower!