March 10, 2013

Sunday Social

Blogging over coffee with no cares in the world is something I've ALWAYS (ok, maybe just the past few months...) dreamed of doing.

Although the "no cares in the world" part is pretend.... HELLO SPRING BREAK!!

*Sidenote: Currently jealous of my boyfriend who is sleeping in the guest bedroom at my parents house WITH THE DOG. 
                    The fact that Winston chose him over me.....*sniff. Maybe I'll just go steal him (the dog) back.

Sunday Social

1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch?

First of all, I HATE scary movies. I'm the biggest baby, and anticipation and/or lack of music gives me the heebie jeebies!!!!! No no no no no. Also, the last time I was forced to watch a scary movie, I quite literally through a temper tantrum. Scream/flailing and all. Not my finest moment.

But honestly, the first movie that came to mind was The Passion of the Christ. That may sound weird or a little bit silly, but when the movie came out and everyone in the church was going to watch it (I think I remember our youth group reserving a theater and going together) I couldn't bring myself to go! I'm not sure what it is....shame, grief, fear? The passion story bring so much pain to my heart without the clear visualization  that a movie can bring. Still can't bring myself to watch it. 

I kind of feel like I should have stuck with the scary movie paragraph....but feelings are real people, and this is my blog!!

2. What is one tv show you have wanted to get into but haven't yet?

Hmm...not sure! One tv show I want to get into, have tried, and can't is Breaking Bad. Sorry!
I know everyone loves it, but I just can't!
3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?

Moving overseas? Haha well, I've honestly never even considered that before it was going to happen.
So my answer would definitely have to be sky diving. Maybe its the diver in me...I love jumping off high things!
4. Would you ever travel alone?

I have quite a bit actually. Music takes you pretty fun places for so many reasons! For auditions and summer festivals, I have been to (in no particular order):
Ann Arbor, MI
Muncie, IN
Los Angeles 
Like a big girl. 
5. What activities do you like to do alone?

Watch Downton Abbey so I can sob in peace. 
Grab a cup of coffee and link up for the Sunday Social
Have a blessed and relaxing weekend! 

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  1. I couldn't get into Breaking Bad either! I got through the first season and a couple of episodes into season two and just stopped.

  2. I hate everything about scary movies too. I'm so on edge the entire time and it's just not an enjoyable experience! Plus I'm a big chicken and scare very easily.

    The Passion of the Christ is *so* hard to watch.

    Stopping by from Sunday Social :)

  3. Found you through the blog hop. (: Love your blog so far, and I can't wait to see more!

    Though...I LOVE scary movies, haha.

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following here too.


  5. Hi you little cutie-pa-tootie!!! I am super excited to be following you back! What a DARLING blog. I absolutely love the design; you've got me rethinking my whole blog design, no lie. I have to agree with you; can't get in to Breaking Bad. My hubby watches it. We have no TV, only Netflix, so i'm generally years behind all those shows anyway! Anyway, make it a great day. I'll be obsessing over new blog designs and getting my picture taken with a lollipop. LOVE IT!!! Blessings, xoxo jules

  6. Hey, sweet lady! I nominated you for an award, and I would love it if you'd go check it out! (:

  7. Hello! :) Found your blog through the blog hop!! I am now a reader of your blog. I saw your about page, and I am a flutist as well (though my skills are very rusty now). Flute has always been my first love and I'm always happy to find people who share the same passion for the instrument as well!

    I scream a lot whenever I watch horror films with my friends. I also tend to cover my face whenever the scary parts come up...

    And I love how music has taken you to different places!

  8. just found your blog and now am a new follower!! so fun to get to know you threw these questions!