March 19, 2013

Music City

Hello friends!

First of all, I've been absolutely floored by all of your support with my England story and this Wind Ensemble tour! You guys are seriously the best, and I had no idea what a wonderfully community I was getting myself into when Sarah introduced me to blogging just  a few months ago! Thank you thank you :)

Time for a Wind Ensemble tour update! Life has been a little crazy-I almost wish I could share our hourly itinerary with you, but that would be a little TMI.

Right now we are on our lovely bus (that is currently getting stone-age speed wifi because most people gave up or are sleeping) leaving Nashville and headed to Atlanta!

Nashville was GREAT. I tweeted (posted a tweet..?) about our concert last night and got a retweet by the Nashville I'm pretty much famous.

We spend the morning rehearsing at the Schermerhorn Symphony center in Nashville which is amazing and beautiful and holy cow what an honor to play in that facility!! After our rehearsal we spent a little time with Giancarlo Guerrero who is the conductor of the Nashville Symphony and a Baylor grad! What an humble and incredibly inspiring person! We were all glowing with pride at the way he spoke so fondly of his time and Baylor, and he was so generous to share his experiences and encouragement with us.

I'm dying to post more photos, just so you know, but the wifi is being mega sucky...

Drew and I in Nashville. I liked this wall so I made him stop and take a photo. Isn't he cute?? :)

Performing at the Schermerhorn was a fantastic experience. I think we were all honored to play in the hall- you guys, it is seriously one of the best acoustically (and beautifully!) designed performance halls in the country! Very cool. I'm going to try to post a bunch of instagram photos here at the end of the post...

Cool Story: Drew's friends that live in Nashville got to come see him at the concert! And I got to meet them! They are such a beautiful and talented couple- I've heard so much about them that it was about time I got to hug them in person! ALSO, important, they are both Nashville musicians! Be sure to check out Daniella's new single "He Sighed"-- I promise you will fall in love with her!

Now, completely UN-tour related!!

A HUGE thank you to Laura at Girl in Flight, who recently mentioned me as one of her favorite blogs! I am so honored by her kind words and I encourage you to check her out! She lives in England and I'm totally hoping to meet her when I move there in September!! (can we make this happen??)

And one final announcement- I'm stoked to be a part of a KitchenAid giveaway starting TOMORROW with Emily at Newlywed Moments and friends! Be sure to come back tomorrow or visit her blog to enter for  your FREE KitchenAid!! Seriously, how awesome is that??

**and now, a billion instagram photos that my lovely friend Catherine gave me permission to steal**

Helene in Between


  1. I hope you have fun in Atlanta!! Everything I know about Atlanta, I learned from Real Housewives. :) Love the photo of you and Giancarlo! That brick wall looks so cool. Glad you're having fun on the tour!!

  2. umm to me you are famous!! that is so cool!!! I love nashville, I need to go back and visit!

  3. Happy to hear you have having such a great experience! AND you got retweeted ;) The pictures of the building are beautiful. I've loved Laura and her blog for so long so if you do get the chance to meet her I would be sooo jealous.

  4. I wish you had played in Nashville on a weekend! I would have come to watch! But I'm about 2 1/2 hours away, so it just wasn't going to work out. :P

  5. This looks amazing! I play the flute/piccolo too, although not nearly at your level. Just locally and in our church orchestra, but I love it. So nice to meet another flautist! :)

  6. We should actually meet up!! And go sightseeing! Squee!!!!! :D