March 28, 2013

HOW TO: Make dinner without grocery shopping. Ever.

Ok, so I exaggerated a little bit. Its not like I don't ever grocery shop....I just pretty much put it off for as long as possible ;)

Today I am channeling my inner Darbi Elliott, who by the way has a hysterical (slightly undiscovered, and I really don't know why!!!) blog about food/eating/cooking. Good grief, she will have you rolling! Go visit her right now!!

I've been on muscle relaxers, which isn't making me as loopy as I've heard it would...bummer....just kidding. Kind of. (that really doesn't pertain to my post, I just thought I'd let y'all know) but on top of them not really making me loopy, they aren't even really working!! Yet at least. I've heard it needs to build up in your system a bit here's hopin'!!
I pretty much feel like I should delete all of that but its there, so there ya go...


A lot of times I want to eat something substantial, but I don't really want to put the effort into preparing a meal, you know??

Today I made this interesting concoction: how about the final photo first?

Yes, I am aware of my MAD food photography skills...maybe one day.

I had frozen tortellini, but no sauce...and lunch meat.....but no bread (good, right?)

So anywho, boiled up some tortellini (love it), drained, and added olive oil, garlic salt, pepper, and parsley.

Don't add too much olive oil. Thats gross.

You betcha, I scrambled eggs in that same pan for lunch! What....eggs and ham go together...

Fried chopped lunch meat. Awwwww yeah. Now you know I'm REALLY a grad student.

Throw it all together and YUM. 

Now I'm wishing that these photos were pinterest worthy because this recipe I just pulled out of who knows where is so good.  Try it!!!

Remember that one time I made up a soup recipe?

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ONE MORE THING! Yes I'm feeling quite loopy now, but seriously guys I'm catching up on The Voice (WHICH IS THE BEST EVER WHY AM I YELLING?!) and this is just a bunch of holy cow I just died of goodness or maybe my heart is just melting great singing. On. Repeat.


  1. Yum! Even I could do this...which is kinda saying something, haha. Seriously though. I could do this. And I may. (:

    Also. That random factoid about your medicine cracked me up. I think they're working at least a little bit. :P

  2. Hahahah. This is definitely how I felt as I wrote my winey post. I'm glad you boiled it. I was worried you are the tortellini cold! Haha. Of course, not too much olive oil cuz that's gross

  3. this looks super yummy!!! love the creativity and random ingredients!

  4. That girl gave me goose bumps the first time I watched and just now again. And when Blake & Usher turned around (all 4 picking her) it made me sooo happy for her!!

  5. That meal looks like a pretty good way to avoid grocery shopping to me!

    I tried listening to the song, but it won`t let the video load because I`m in Canada apparently! Whhhattt? I`ll try youtubing a different version of it, because I have no idea what The Voice is!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  6. It looks easy and yummy
    maybe i will try it