April 7, 2013

Recital (photo) Recap!

Linking up with Sarah and Syndal for This weekend, I....Recital Edition! ;)

Are you tired of me talking about my recital yet?

I hope not, because I'm excited to share a few photos with you! I did get a video recording, and while its not extremely high quality video OR audio, I still plan on sharing a few clips with you guys later this week!

These are just a few photos that my mom posted on good ol' Facebook today. If anyone else sends me good ones, I'll probably post those later this week as well!! Unless you're all like "Paige- you're recital is over, shut up already." And I'll totally understand.

But theres this thing called a "recital high" (I just came up with that, but all you other performers out there will know what I'm talking about). You worked SO hard for SO long for this- blood, sweat, and tears for real!
You get to share your heart with everyone and its exhilarating! And then its over before it even started and WHEW what a rush. Hence all the jabber/photos/videos for the next week. Sorry not sorry.

JS Bach, E Minor Sonata- harpsichord and all!

Gaubert trio with the lovely Romina Monsanto on cello.
*All photos courtesy of my madre. Don't ask me why these are B&W- I have no idea.

My dad and Drew- we played a trio together at the end which I am SO excited to share with you later!

Drew and my best friend from high school, Zachary. And yes I am creepily aware that they could be twins.

My wonderful family! Dad, mom, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Carolyn. So blessed that they could be there!

Candid- thanks dad! haha

My thoughts at this point "*complete void of brain activity*"

Thanks to the Baylor flute studio and my family for the beautiful flowers! 

I am now stress free. (HAH kind of)

Also don't forget to email me your advice for my birthday project!

Going to watch Pretty Little Liars now....be back in the real world tomorrow ;)

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  1. Hi, found you from the This Weekend I linkup...

    Beautiful pictures, what a lovely recital! And you went to Baylor too? Neat!

  2. Love your dress! Glad you can relax w/ some PLL now, the season finale was SO good.

  3. The pictures look great!! I love that you had a real harpsichord for the Bach. :) Yay for being done! Oh, and your dress is gorgeous.

  4. Yay!! So glad it went well! You look lovely as usual!

  5. I can't wait to see and hear the video :)
    The pictures your mom took are great. You look so professional up there on stage :)

  6. love all these pictures :)
    new follower!