April 1, 2013

My boyfriend is in love with Ryan Gosling

I hope you have all heard of Warby Parker, and if you haven't GO look!

Imagine TOMS, but good quality and for your face. 

Anywho, boyfriend is a huge fan of Warby's.

P.S. Isn't he adorable?!?

These are the glasses he was wearing when I met him almost a year and a half ago...which is quite honestly one of the reasons I wanted to talk to him in the first place.

*Backstory- Drew was starting grad school at Baylor during my semester off after graduation. Through mutual friends and much prodding, I finally was introduced to him and the first thing I said was "Hey, we're weird glasses friends!!" Cute, right? Haha but we've talked every day since :) 

Being the trendy fashion forward man that he is, he bought another pair of Warby's for when the weather got warmer because the Fillmore frames were heavy or blah blah something. 

Enter Warby Parker Preston frames
photography by me! iPhones are wonderful things...

The point of this particular blog post, however, is not only to be a totally unprompted advertisement for Warby Parker (you're welcome), but to poke fun of my boyfriend (and many other men- turns out!) for his mega man crush on Ryan Gosling. You can just ask him: "Hey Drew, who's at the top of your list?" (you know what list I'm talking about) and maybe only after "Rachel McAdams" would he say "Ryan Gosling." 
You may notice a Nicholas Sparks movie connection there...yes, you are on the right track. ;)

GQ recently posted this:

To which Drew's response was sheer Christmas morning excitement and this best photo of all time:

Yes they are the same exact frames, color and all! Drew would also like you to know that he had them first.
Needless to say, I'm proud of my super handsome boyfriend. He's going to be reading this and embarrassed but he's such a good sport so leave him fan mail! Love you babe ;)


  1. Hahahaha. This is hilarious cute and adorable all at once. I can't say my husband has a man crush though. If he did, it would also be plastered all over my blog haha

  2. Did/do you go to Baylor!? I'm a Baylor grad, myself!!

    My fiance is in love with Ryan Reynolds. I am pretty sure he would encourage me to cheat on him if it were with Ryan Reynolds. Guys and their man crushes...so strange.

  3. Haha-- this is hilarious. My husband has a man crush on Jeremy Renner. And much like your bf, he has started to look like him! Hahahaha

  4. Such a cute post!! :)

    New follower!

    I'm over at lbinwonderland.blogspot.com-would love if you checked my blog out! :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. This is SO adorable. And hey, don't be embarrassed. Ryan Gosling is at the top of my list too! ;)

  6. They are twinsies!! :) So cute! I've been begging Tony to let me do a "photo shoot" of some of his different outfits for the ol' blog, but I get shot down every time. I guess I'll have to sneak them.

  7. I know something about that... XD